Monday, June 1, 2009

"Lazarus" by Silva

There is nothing I see that is Biblical about this prose and there is nothing in other religious texts, such as the Qu'ran that contains this piece of writing. I believe the writer who originally wrote this is named "Silva." I don't know for sure. I have copied it into a notebook, which I have kept for a long time.

"- Come, Lazarus. - shouted the Savior. And from the black tomb the corpse rose from revolt among the shroud, trying to walk, to tremulous passes, he sniffed, he groped, he looked at, he felt, he gave a shout and cried contently.

"Four moons much later, among the shadows of the dark twilight, in silence from place and time, among the tumbs of the old cemetery,
"Lazarus was sobbing to the lonely and was envying the dead."

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