Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote Early

There may be time before Election Day to do this. Vote early before Nov. 4! Last Wednesday, I found the opportunity to do so at the courthouse. I found free parking in front of the courthouse and I got in line before lunchtime to vote. There was only six people in front of me in line. I got to the table, showed my ID (my driver's license), was asked if I wanted a paper ballot or vote electronically, and then I voted. I picked paper BTW. I don't trust those electronic machines. I got my vote out of the way and I am free to do other things on Nov. 4 than to stand in line and vote. Alhumdulillah!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leaning to the right...

....will lead you to anarchy and chaos. If you tilt to the right politically more and more, you will have no government. When you have a nation with no central government whatsoever, you will have lawlessness, anarchy, riots, and chaos. Many citizens would have to seek political and economic asylum somewhere else where conditions are much more stable. When you lean far to the right, you don't have a limited, smaller government. Government ceases to exist and there goes Social Security and Medicare for seniors who have retired and are now too old to go back to work. There would be no jobs, no paved roads and highways, bridges would collapse. No funding for these projects people rely on. No funding for the military fighting over in Iraq and Afghanistan. No economic stimulus packages. No laws we need to obey to bring about some order. Gangs start to take over the streets and our lives, pushing us around. No funding for police officers to fight crime. Every man and woman fending for himself and herself with a rifle in their hands to fight off gangs, drug dealers, and crackheads and this won't just be happening in the inner cities. It will happen in the suburbs, exurbs, the small towns, and the rural areas. In other words, everywhere. This is what we would be faced with under no government. The rich will live in gated communites with a small authority protecting them as fiefdoms, otherwise known as homeowner associations; the only government there is left. If you lean right and vote for such McCarthyites like the McCain-Palin, you will have hell to pay and if you are not rich, life will be a lot more stressful. No jobs, no money, lawlessness, chaos, riots, thuggery everywhere, and many of us may have to flee to Canada or Mexico or fly overseas to get away from the incoming madness.

The Obama-Biden team will not make those kinds of auguments. This may be too extreme to make in reference to McCain-Palin.

But, McCain and Palin tries in their last attempt to paint Obama as a "socialist" or a "redistributionist." C'mon! We have a progressive income tax system and that's not going to change anytime soon. Joseph McCarthy's ghost lives inside the GOP and hoping the way polls are going, the GOP will not succeed.

I would rather have big government than to have no government. This may be the issue in this election if you think about it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

DLL errors again

The things that I have to go through to get my computer running normally has taken its toll.
I thank God that I have had used this computer for the last 8 years and I believe it's time for a new computer. But, I finally got it working again. To get my lost rundll32 executive file back, I ended up having to reinstall the Windows operating system. After that, I had to reinstall everything else to get it back to working normally again. I also parted my hard drive with SuSe Linux and I wish I can get Internet connection with it or I would do away with Windows totally.
Then, I had to reinstall my ethernet card and reestablish the Internet connection with AT&T.
It is not worth the time. I rather be relaxing, watching football, "Desperate Housewives," or whatever else than to mess with this machine. I think it's time, but I am holding on to my finances. I never know if I will have job in the following year or not. So, part of the weekend was totally occupied with this mess. What was our lives like without using these "conveniences?"
I believe we were all better off.

Democracy Denied in Harris County, Texas


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wassup 2008

The new Wassup ad for Change!

Obama en Español

Sí. se puede. El mensaje del Senator sobre el sueño americano.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oui on peut. Yes, we can.

The All Kinds of Stuff Blog fully endorses Barack Obama for president. He displays the leadership this country needs. My Thanks to Kid for this wonderful music video.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Priorities Not in the Right Place

First of all, Peace be unto you all who read my ramblings.

Now here is what I am writing about today. The economy is tumbling down and more layoffs are reported everywhere. I know people who are about to be laid off from their jobs, but the priorities are skewed. These folks are about to lose income and they spend time talking about their thrills visiting the nearest local casino. The last thing anyone should do is take their hard-earned money, their money they receive after taxes, and blow it on gambling, taking a risk of losing whatever is left in their bank accounts. Yes, Sen. McCain, lower income people do pay taxes! The priorities are all wrong. When the economy is down, the business industry that should go bankrupt first is the gambling industry. It should not booming as it is doing in Oklahoma.

That's all I have to say on the subject.

Next, I have sent another small donation to the Obama-Biden team and then, I've sent an e-mail to some dreadful Republicans, inviting them to join the campaign. I hope to hear from these prominent windbags soon. When I do, I am printing their email on my blog. I was prompted to do it, because the ghost of Joe McCarthy and some remnants of the John Birch Society has taken over the GOP and the most vile attacks have resulted from the McCain-Palin campaign. Pat Buchanan, as hard as he tried, could not give out the best defense for Palin over her ignorance of what the Vice-President actually does. Buchanan knows very well that the Vice-President only can make the deciding vote on a Senate bill when the Senate is split on a 50-50 tie. That's the only real power the VP has in the Senate. The VP is not the Senate boss. Buchanan tries to spend it around to defend Palin. They are desperate. Buchanan said that Colin Powell endorse Sen. Obama because of race. Wrong again. Buchanan was hoping that MSNBC viewers did not watch Meet The Press last Sunday morning. Colin Powell said that he told Obama that he would not vote for him because of race. He would vote for him because he would offer America "transformation in leadership," leadership this country needs. Race is definitely not a factor. Again, the Republicans are desperate and they are losing it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Economy is down. Casinos? A different story

Casino gambling is a booming business in Oklahoma, despite of the bad economy. Indian casinos gambling is a thriving $2.5 billion dollar business with casinos and hotels built in various parts of the Sooner State. Arkansas has no lottery and no casinos, but for those who live along the Oklahoma border, there is a casino located right near the Arkansas Line. For example, Choctaw Casino, Inc. has a location in Pocola, OK. The casino is located right on the Arkansas line near the city of Fort Smith. Cherokee Casino, Inc. has a location in Roland, just 6 miles from downtown Fort Smith. The Katoowah tribe wants to build a hotel and casino near downtown Fort Smith, but this is not legally possible. Casino gambling is illegal in Arkansas. The only thing Arkansas has is an initiative on the state ballot for people vote for the lottery to fund education in the Natural State.
That may pass, but many voters believe that this will lead to making casino gambling legal. Hence, the formation of the Katoowah hotel and casino. A religious war over this issue has started here over gambling. Arkansas could become the place to be left without a lottery and/or casino gambling. Every state that borders Arkansas has either a lottery or casino gambling, one or the other or both. Arkansas has some gambling; it's church bingo and the Oaklawn horse races in Hot Springs.
Personally, I am opposed to lotteries and casino gambling. There are two casinos located very close to where I live, but I never go and frequent these places. I don't buy lottery tickets. The chances to win hundreds of millions of dollars are very slim for me. Regardless, if Arkansas joins the bordering states or not, I still won't participate. But, what makes it so bad as the economy tanks with layoffs and budget cuts is that fact that these casinos are experiencing a boom and if I lose my job and there is a job offer to me to work for an Indian casino, what am I going to do?
A person who is a Christian, a devout Jew, a Muslim, or a Muslim following the Sufi path could never work for a casino, an adult book store, or work for a liquor store. But if that's all there is,
what am I going to do? Starve? It's something to ponder about.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Everything is Set

Everything is set, except for one thing and this concerns me. Coming from the writings of Greg Palast, it's the attempt of the GOP to steal the election from Obama in some key states like Colorado and New Mexico. This is a concern of mine and the Obama campaign has to work even harder to win the election like they are the underdogs. The latest email from the campaign I've received said that "we are the underdogs until we win on Election Day," and also asking email subscribers for a quick donation. It's a good thing they do not depend on the polls and that they believe that the election will be very close. So, they will work ever harder to get more votes. Early voting starts Monday in my state and I imagine it is in many other states.

Friday, October 17, 2008


The Jewish Press Blog is obviously a conservative blog that is afraid of Obama; afraid that if Obama become president, the United States would become a haven for Islamist terrorists and that all close relations with Israel would all end.

No, he would continue close relations with Israel and try the best he can to set up a two state solution to the problems going on in the Holy Land. Obama may not be successful but he will try his best to bring peace to the Holy Land and the rest of the Middle East.

Also, the blog like the hecklers would make up McCain's volunteer team, beats a dead horse over Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. We have been over this time and time again; and Obama keeps on winning. He is not a radical Islamist. He's a not a Muslim. And there's a difference between the two and I can explain all of this later. From reading his book, "The Audacity of Hope," he became a Christian at a church Jeremiah Wright was the pastor. The pastor is a man who has a sin nature just like the rest of us and when one accepts Jesus Christ as his/her personal savior, it would not matter what views a pastor holds; it is a decision Obama made between himself and God. His name was passed down from his father. The man running for president is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. This is what bothers so many people who just don't get it or don't want to know. His middle name bothers them and somehow they want to connect it to Saddam Hussein. It is a name and only a name. Jordan had a king, the father of the present Jordanian king, named Hussein. He was the good Hussein while the dude in Iraq was the bad Hussein. But that's not good enough for hecklers of McCain who are bad Republicans. If I were a Republican observing what is going on in the McCain-Palin campaign, I'd be ashamed. God, El, Eloah, Allah, I hope Obama wins so that all of these people can go home. Do these people have jobs to go to? They always like to say how lazy the liberals, Democrats, blacks, Latinos, poor whites are and how they don't want to work for a living. Well, they need to speak for themselves because they sure seem to have a lot of time on their hands.

Oh, we can't have dissent. There can be no opposition. John McCain is the new god now and we mustn't say nothing bad about their god. Here's how you can make their blood pressures go sky high to where you may find yourself in the middle of a lynching or an insurrection. Tell them, "La ilaha illa Allah." There is only one god, and it's Allah. He will live on even when everything else no longer exists, including them.

McCain goes and tells Cuban Floridians that "Cuba will be free." Oh, another war. We're going to invade Cuba if McCain gets it? Or is it just the GOP pandering to their vote like they have in the past fifty years, just like they pander to the evangelicals, the "Joe Six-Packs," and "Joe the Plumber."

To this pack, we should arrest anyone who is not patriotic. The fascists have taken over the McCain-Palin team and the maverick has lost control of it. "Muslim!" "Terrorist!" "Obama bin Lyin'!" "Kill him!" Does the Jewish Press Blog want to play into these people's fears and then, react like barking dogs? I guess so. They need the goyim to support their interests, the Likud Party of Israel's interests that is.

Other blogs will appear later. But, I will keep an eye on what they will post next.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Has Happened to News

This is what is on my mind. CNN, MSNBC, and FNC do not cover enough real news. Where are the international headlines other than what could be found on such outlets as CNN International or Al-Jazeera English or what ever language one chooses? CNN, MSNBC, and FNC by themselves don't cover world news enough to suit me. Here's what I receive when I view at least one of them.
"Nancy Reagan has been hospitalized." "VP Dick Cheney is going to a hospital to have out-patient surgery on his heart." Strange, I didn't think he had one! A whole lot about the McCain campaign. A whole lot about the Obama campaign. All of the surrogates from both campaigns interviewed and asked questions they may answer or really don't answer. I am not getting informed about the world and my local newspaper is owned by a company that bents its politics to the right, the Stephens Group. The best thing they do for me as the local paper is inform me about who died. In other words, the obits. Okay, maybe a few reports about forgeries, assaults, misdemeanors, and thefts that occurred in the vicinity. But, that's about all. The Stephens Group is worried that Obama will become president. So, they get some crony to publish a column in the editorial page who makes more then $250,000 a year, writing about how he already pays more taxes anyway and that the lower 50%, the rest of us, don't pay any or not enough! The source he uses is from the Bush Administration's Treasury Dept., Oct. 2007. All I have to do is look at my stub from my paycheck and see that I pay plenty of taxes federal and state and I am certainly not rich and I make considerably less. If you want to read the article from Warren Stephens, here's the link from my local paper. The 2008 presidential race is the worst I have seen in my lifetime. I guess I am biased, but I have seen racism and xenophobia raise their ugly heads from volunteers of the McCain. Sexism is alive and well, too. I almost want to ignore what Sen. McCain says and offers to the American public. There's nothing coming from it since his volunteers are still continuing to sow the seeds of fear and hatred from his base. Gov. Sarah Palin appears to be the sexy cheerleader who plays the role as the barking, growling, bulldog for Sen. John McCain. She dresses in a way that would make some men dream about her and lust for her. Sen. Hillary Clinton never did that. She dressed in pants suits and no man would ever dream about her, except for maybe some men and women who wish she were the Dem. nominee.

Anyway, if I had to find out what was going on in Acre, Israel for example, I had to tune into Al-Jazeera on YouTube to know, not CNN, MSNBC, or FNC. What has happened to news when an American citizen chooses Al-Jazeera, a news media that gives you the latest threat from Osama bin Laden, for world news and input over the news media here in the U.S. Why would I have to get my info from Doha and not New York or Washington? I guess that is the world we live in.

My peace be unto you. Paz. Assalaam Alaykum. And Shalom.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Bad

The controversy some on the religious right are bringing up on Obama is over some bills he voted against in the Illinois State Senate, bills known as "born alive" bills. The reason he opposed them was because they were backdoor attacks on a woman's legal right to an abortion, but if he were in the U.S. Senate during the time around 2002, he would have fully supported a similar federal bill that Pres. Bush signed into law because it contained protections for Roe v. Wade.

Link to this:

The preacher last Sunday night was linking Barack Obama to the evil king from the Book of Kings and the Book of Chronicles, Manasseh, putting fear into the hearts of good Christian people about Sen. Obama.

According to II Kings 21, Manasseh 'did evil in the sight of the LORD, after the abomination of the heathen, whom the LORD cast out before the children of Israel.' Manasseh "built up again high places which Hezekiah his father destroyed; and reared up altars for Baal." And 'he made his son pass through the fire, and observed times, and used enchantments, and dealt with familiar spirits and wizards; he wrought much wickedness in the sight of the LORD, to provoke Him to anger." And on and on, which any of you can read the rest of the chapter and get the rest of the story. You get the idea how evil Manasseh was. But, it is amazing how ministers, even though they never mention the candidate by name, would do the best to link Obama to someone who was as evil as that. Manasseh did so much damage to the tribe of Judah that "the LORD brought upon" all of them "the captains of the host of the king of Assyria" and bound Manasseh among thorns with fetters and carried him into Babylon. (II Chron. 33:11) But later Manasseh prayed for forgiveness and the LORD forgave him and "brought him again to Jerusalem into his kingdom. Then he knew that the LORD he was God." (II Chron. 33:13) After reviewing all of this. I learned that God had forgiven Manasseh and that if He can forgive Manasseh, He certainly can forgive Barack Obama and also John McCain. He can forgive you and He can forgive me.

It was my bad because I was misunderstanding something I heard and I needed to search the information. As a result, the sermon was deep, but it didn't change who I will support. God, Allah, is most forgiving, the Ar-Rahaman Ar-Raheem.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ah,,more later

I thought I need to write about something. I don't have everything in front of me right now. I heard a preacher say something about an abortion bill Barack Obama voted for in 2002 last Sunday night. The only problem with this info was that Sen. Obama was not a U.S. senator back in 2002. It has to be something he did back when he was in the Illinois State Senate, which must have been something most voters in the Land of Lincoln forgave him for doing. I will fact-check him later over this.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sink a New Low

Assalaam Alaykum.

What kind of country do I live in now when there is a presidential campaign that has sunk to a new low because they cannot honestly debate the issues Americans care about with its opponents. Instead of debating them, they incite negative emotions amongst its supporters and they are acting like a lynch mob, convincing themselves that the Democratic opponent is some sort of terrorist over what some guy did 40 years ago back when the Democratic opponent was only 8 years old.
The McCain-Palin team is running a despicable, vindictive, vituperative, negative campaign that has sunk new lows against the Obama-Biden team. The issues are on Obama's side. I am praying that God, the Lord of the worlds, will be on Obama's side as well. John McCain has attracted the demons, the Jinns, the shayatin, to his campaign with lying speeches lectured by him, his wife Cindy, and Sarah Palin. It's disgusting to watch and many worry that McCain might actually win with his rhetoric. As the economy is heading to you-know-what, The McCain is character-assassinating "That One," because the race for the White House is slipping away from him. Why is so desperate for power? Arrogance perhaps. Maybe his wife may divorce if he doesn't make it, speaking on behalf of the beer lobby? Who knows. I find the link that McCain is connecting Obama with Bill Ayers very dishonest and deceiving, giving attention to the lowest common denominator of people attending his campaign stops. Now, I do read the Rude Pundit blog. I can't get as nasty as him. He describes the politics of all of this as a sexual orgasm and tells us who is better at it. Not me. I can't do that. The kind of campaign the McCain-Palin is bringing us is disingenuous and it doesn't help us in any way as the Dow Jones goes tumbling down. It doesn't help us find employment or get food on the table. People are hurting and they are looking for answers and the economy is weighing in on people's minds and it's affecting the world over. Hence, more homeless people and more starvation and what does the whole world get from America when they see the McCain campaign on TV. False accusations, blame over something that happened 40 years ago. There's racism and all of these rich people worrying about getting taxed, while somebody has lost their job. Nothing can be more pathetic than to see a politician bellyache over using guilt by association against an opponent and never offer any solutions to the problems we face.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

John McCain's Rage is a National Security Concern

This is a campaign ad from a 527, which is no doubt. But, in this ad, there are Republicans who say they don't trust John McCain because of his temper.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Who won the VP debate?

In spite of the fact that Gov. Palin did very well, much better than these interviews she has had, I believe Sen. Biden won the debate. But, neither one told the entire truth or facts about either Sen. Obama or Sen. McCain. It was interesting to watch but I don't find it to be all that informative. I have nothing more to say about it, but I do believe that the Democrats do have a plan to end the war in Iraq and a plan to fix this economy. Republicans are doing the cheerleading for McCain and Gov. Palin fits the role of cheerleader right now.