Monday, June 15, 2009

SC GOP Chair Makes Gorilla Comment about First Lady

It has been a while since I have written in this blog. But, I have reading articles from AOL, the Huffington Post, and others over this stupid comment made as a joke in reference to Michelle Obama. I find it was undeserved and uncalled for. Many bloggers argue, "What about Letterman?! What about Lettermen?!' Well, what about him. David Letterman is not a politician, he is not the head chair of a state or a national political party committee; he is a comedian/TV personality who makes fun of everyone. His comment about Sarah Palin's daughter at a Yankees baseball stadium was a bit much. He was not only taking a shot at Bristol, even though it was Willow at the game, he was aiming his target at Alex Rodriguez as well. It was very raunchy. But, again he's no politician. DePass, on the other hand, is and his comment may bring him down and certainly the South Carolina GOP's outreach to minority voters has now faltered with DePass's gorilla reference to the First Lady. I can't understand what she has done to deserve this. She's different, I guess. She is the first African-American First Lady. There are some in the GOP who don't like it. Many Democrats are sitting back and enjoying this GOP slide to almost non-existence. But, we still need a strong two-party system. Is the GOP going away like the Federalists did? Who could be the next party opposing the Democrats? The Green Party from the left? The Libertarian Party further from the right on economics, but on the left of social issues? Could Sarah Palin be the next presidential candidate for the GOP in 2012? If she is, it could be history for the GOP in politics.

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Tim Gunter said...

Check out and look up the article "Call it racist."