Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who are the fans of Alan Colmes?

Alan Colmes is politically a liberal. He supports the president. He stands firm on many issues on the liberal side, although he works for Fox News. But, who are his fans? Hell if I know! He writes a column for the new Fox Nation, or in other words, Fix Nation, defending Pres. Obama. What does he get? A thrashing from respondents at him, making mad threats at him, telling him where he should go if didn't want to continue living in the good ol' USA. At his Liberaland blog, he gets thrashings as well. Last summer, his blog was invaded by the right-wing body snatchers. He makes a piece in his blog and 500 respondents are against him. My goodness, Alan Colmes is a Jesus Christ of our modern time. These body snatchers would like to nail him to the cross with a thorn on his head with a sign that says: "Hail, King of the Jews," written in Hebrew, English, and in Spanish. Who could have this kind of following in these times? Pat Buchanan contributes for MSNBC, but he don't have it near as bad. Alan Colmes has a talk radio show, but is aired on what we know as right-wing talk radio and it is a media known as Fox News Radio. Listeners get a big mantra of conservative opinion all day long and part of the night until Alan comes on, and the mantra wears off. He gets on and the listeners are angry, and get on there to call him names, and he tends to be a magnet for all of the weirdos that call in. He wonders," Why should I do this every night? I should go and kill myself!" But, these are his fans and if they weren't, they would turn him off. The radio consists of a knob where you can turn in off. They don't. He has web sites and blogs. They go to them, even though they could go to Freeper instead. But, they need their Alan. What else can they do? I suggest they subscribe to The Nation magazine or to Mother Jones. They could never get enough hate in their hearts. They live off the hate. They gotta have it. Just like the rock band, Cornershop, with one of their title albums, "Woman's gotta have it."

Monday, March 30, 2009

Why I don't own a GM vehicle.

The CEO of GM just got fired today. Pat Buchanan makes a crazy argument for why GM is in trouble and blames it on foreign competitors without considering this: we, the consumers prefer them over GM. I own a Hyundai. It is a Santa Fe. Back in 2003, I researched SUVs and tried to find the most fuel efficient SUV there is on the market. GM didn't have it. Ford didn't have it. Chrysler didn't have it. Toyota was getting away from fuel efficiency during the time and so was Nissan. What was it? It was Hyundai. I never bought a Hyundai before. My niece owned one, an older model, didn't like it, and sold it. But, the Hyundai Motor Company had improved since then. They had the most fuel efficient SUV during the time. It's small compared to other SUVs, but it's good for me. It's a V6 and I am able to get 30 MPG on the highway. What was the Lincoln Navigator getting during that time and probably still is with their latest models, about 13 MPG.
Lately, Ford is hearing the message. But what about GM? Maybe. But in previous years, GM's consumer base were demanding they make these gas hogs and as the price of oil skyrocketed with the price of benzine petrol, it caused selling of their new family stationwagons to drop fast and the dealers were at a stand-still wondering how they can get rid of these guzzlers. GM failed to respond to the threat from Big Oil that would eventually cause their downfall and failed to respond to it at the earliest moment. They knew that during the early part of this decade, the federal government was runned by oil profiteers and that to continue to make Hummers, GMC Yukons, and Ford making Lincoln Navigators was not something they should have done. They needed to make Hybrid versions of these models or make them smaller and quit making them and make new models.

This is why I own a Hyundai. This is a company making cars and SUVs that are fuel efficient, and their smallest car, the Accent, is advertised by a local Hyundai dealer as "the car that pays for itself."

Friday, March 27, 2009

Who is Jay Smith?

Who is Jay Smith? An untrained preacher who shouts at Muslims at Hyde Park, London. This can be found by going to YouTube.

Well, it's that time of the year.

It's tornado season. This is when the temperatures go from hot to cold to hot and to cold again, and so on, which invites the possibility of a tornado and hail. The people up in North Dakota are in critical situation with the flood of the Red River near Fargo. There's ice on top of that. Homes are flooded and this morning, I was watching the brainless Regis & Kelly show where Regis shows a picture of a dog standing in front of a house under icy, cold water and then, screams at Obama where he should send the stimulus. "If you send it, you should send it there! Please!!!" I am definitely sure the stimulus going to help North Dakota will go to this. All of the sandbagging may not be enough to stop the Red River from flooding. And more flooding is to come when this water flows down the Missouri River and into the Mississippi River, almost a repeat of last year.
What was experienced here was hail that damaged roofs and sidings of many homes. People rely on home insurance to take care of what needs to be done. And this was an on-going process of getting these homes repaired throughout the spring, summer and fall of last year. Home repair was what moved the economy for 2008. But, it came as a result of weather catastrophes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I did notice something different about the Presidential News Conference

President Obama was asked by a reporter from Ebony Magazine about the growing number of homeless people around the country and he did express concern over them, especially homeless vets. From where I live, there has always a number of homeless and they live under a bridge near downtown. The Rude Pundit has photos are towns all across America with people living in tents, like Tent City near Sacramento. Feed the Children is a charity addressing the concern of hungry children across this country, especially those who don't have a home. The Old Media was not given much of a chance to ask the president a question. New Media I have never heard of before like "Stars and Stripes" were given an opportunity to ask. Others like Univisión, were given an opportunity and with a growing Latino population, more viewers watch this network more than any other time in television history.

Are Toxic Assets a sure thing?

I see that the stock market is going back up and it is over these toxic assets. What is Obama now, the 21st century Ronald Reagan? What if these assets are worthless? What then? It sounds like a gamble that was made, hoping this will jump-start the economy. The $3.6 trillion budget? There are now Democrats who oppose this kind of spending. Do you remember when the U.S. was a creditor nation? I would have a mere child growing up to recall the lst time this country was a creditor nation. I don't have much to say about this, except to have concern for what 's ahead in the future.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Are newspapers going away?

The Nation magazine believes that it's time for the federal government to bailout the press, particularly the newspapers in our major cities here in the U.S. I would be all for that, but are most people purchasing a subscription for a local paper? Are they getting their news from TV station websites, Yahoo, AOL, International websites, and sites other than from the newspaper?
My local paper, the Southwest Times Record, has reduced its pages they publish daily, even on Sunday. I could not find the column written weekly by Ben Boulden on local interest last week. So, newspapers in small as well as in big cities, are hurting. I received much more advertising from their Sunday paper then the newspaper itself. Monday's paper has only an A and B Section. It originally had an A section for news, B section for other interests like Dear Abby, A C section for Sports, and D for Classified Ads. That's gone. A is for news and other stuff; B is for sports and classified ads. We are moving into an electronic world, although most countries in the world are not in the electronic age and they still rely on newspapers for a small, literate population, and shortwave radio, especially where there is no TV. The solution is, according to The Nation, to offer a $200 stimulus package for each taxpayer to purchase a yearly subscription of a newspaper of their choice. And for newspapers to cut down on advertising in order to bring back hard-hitting, investigative reporting. Other nations have rescued their presses, which us, on the other hand, have not. This is what they suggest. I read the article, but I am not presently quoting the magazine verbatum. You need to read it for yourselves. Personally, in a way, I think newspapers are going away. Little Rock used to have two competing newspapers, The Gazette and The Democrat. The Gazette was more liberal, but not very liberal. The Democrat was real conservative. The Gazette died back in 1990 and now they have one newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and in my opinion, it is right-wing. They were responsible in throwing out Nolan Richardson as head basketball coach of the Univ. of Arkansas Razorbacks, the man who won the school with his 1994 team its first NCAA Basketball Championship in the school's history. I absolutely hate that paper. Where I live, we have always had one newspaper, the Southwest Times Record and the ADG and also the Van Buren Press Argus do somewhat compete against them. But, if you want to know who died in Fort Smith and the surrounding area, the Southwest Times Record is where you go, not the ADG.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Too Much Basketball

There's too much basketball and too many commercials to go along with it. CBS can't seem to let you watch the whole game and they leave the game you are watching for another one happening somewhere else. There were two good games played last night, W. Kentucky vs. Gonzaga and Duke vs. Texas. It was a heartbreak loss for W. Kentucky as Gonzaga just beat them by two points with so very little time left. In the Texas and Duke game, the Longhorns just fell apart at the last minute and Duke wins. Two good games, but I can't watch them at the same time. There probably needs to be a CBS-2 for all the other games or let ESPN carry some of them. Give the TV viewers some choices when it comes to the beginning of March Madness; it would help us out and cut down all the advertising, too. As the games get fewer and fewer, we will be able to watch whole ball games, but we will have to endure more repetitive advertising. Maybe it's time to turn the TV off.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is old, but I am still on the subject on religion and preachers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day Rap: Remember the Famine

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day here in this great country, I post this video that was set up on YouTube this time three years ago. Go to YouTube and read the commentaries pertaining to this video. It angered many Irish people.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Keith Olbermann Special Comment *MR BUSH YOU ARE A FASCIST!*

Keith's Special Comment made back in Feburary 2008.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Big Youth - Natty Dread She Want

Big Youth - House of Dreadlocks

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Farting Preacher 5 (Super slow)

A very funny video. I don't wish to make fun of preachers, but Robert Tilton is one funny guy.

Enough news stuff

Enough news stuff. It's video time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pres. Obama to Rush: F*ck You!

The news media here in states-side need to give this one a rest. I turn the news channels, watch them, and say WTF! They won't let this Rush Limbaugh nonsense end. They won't give this one a rest and bury it in its grave where it needs to go! I haven't heard the end of this since goofball got up there to speak at C-PAC, the Clown Psycho Ass-Hole Conference. This guy who is as rich as Redstone if not richer, gets up and tells us he wants Pres. Obama to fail, forgetting what has happened in the last 8 years, and giving us a lot of revisionist hogwash. He wants Pres. Obama to debate him on his radio show. Yeah, right! Like he is going to do that. No, our president knows he is in a fight and fight he will! That's all I have to say. I will go watch Keith Olbermann and hears what he has to say about this Rush crap!