Monday, June 8, 2009

Twitter-ing keeps me more informed

I signed up for Twitter and already I have a group of people following me. I learned how deceptive both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity really are, painting Pres. Obama as the enemy and as a leader cozying up to terrorists. These guys are twisted and who are trying to fool? They are fooling those who want social engineering back in the government just like it was back during Prohibition. I do not listen to their radio shows since I work in those hours. Thank God! Alhumdulillah! These guys are always hoping to find people who don't read anything at all that listen to talk radio. They have always catered to the lowest common denominator, getting them upset and riled up, and to those who are not of the LCD, they are scaring elderly women and men and traveling salespeople with misinformation. I am thankful there are those from Media Matters and Fox Hounds who are following me and I, following them, keeping me informed on what these Father Coughlin wannabes are up to.

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