Friday, January 29, 2010

Historical Moment: An inquiring mind - Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker had a heritage of boldness and courage. His grandmother was an English woman, Molly Walsh, who had immigrated to Maryland as an indentured servant, earned her freedom, and then started her farm. His grandfather was an African-American man, Bannaky, who had been hired by Molly to do farm work and had later been given his freedom. Over the years, Molly and Bannaky came to love each other and decided to get married. They did not let anything stand in the way of their hopes. In 1731, Benjamin was born to Mary Banneker, the daughter of Molly and Bannaky. Benjamin's grandmother taught him to read and write from the Bible. Later, he attended a local Quaker school. Benjamin clearly had a mind to learn.

When he was in his early twenties he saw a watch for the first time. The friend who owned the watch lent it to him and Benjamin proceeded to take it apart and carefully draw each piece. He then reassembled and returned the watch and set out to make his own replica. He carved each piece out of wood and then crafted his own watch so skillfully that it is reported to have run smoothly for the next forty years.

Another talent Benjamin developed was that of studying the stars, a skill passed on from his grandfather through the stories of his grandmother. In 1791, he published his first almanac. The "Benjamin Banneker Almanac" became well known throughout the northern colonies.

Banneker's achievements were recognized by many leading scientific minds, including President Thomas Jefferson who exchanged several letters with Banneker.

Through the perseverance of an inquiring mind and the heritage of his courageous grandparents, Benjamin Banneker achieved recognition as the first African-American scientist.

For more information see: "Molly Bannaky" by Alice McGill.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Radio Stations Online

Air America has bit the dust, but from the Liberaland web site and from visiting a liberal blog, there are three stations to choose from. One is Green 960, WWRL 1600, and Portland, Oregon's 620 KPOJ. These stations beats listening to my local station, KWHN 1320. It is too conservative. The Fox Affiliate in Fort Smith, KFPW, is also conservative, but they do air the Alan Colmes Show. It is the oldest station in town, and despite of the fact it airs the Fox Talk Show, they will all be pre-empted by a sporting event, such as high school football, high school basketball, OU football and basketball, etc. I am thankful for the internet. Without it, I can't find good radio anywhere. Shortwave radio is not what it used to be. More stations like that use the internet because it is far cheaper to do so. There are so many AM stations coming in at night, that sometimes I cannot find a clear signal. I remember picking up the BBC on my world band radio. It is not possible today, but they are on the internet and XM/Sirius.

I almost forgot to mention this. I have been listening to a great deal of black talk radio. This is from WAOK Atlanta. Liberal opinion is often expressed, but it is not expressed so much by its callers, and sometimes not from the talk show hosts.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Supreme Court Ruling

In a 5 to 4 decision, corporations, unions, special interest groups, and drug and health care lobbies can spend as much as they want to support and elect candidates they want to serve in public office, which will further drown out the voices of the American people. I have been trying to post Keith Olbermann's comment over this from his show posted on YouTube, but it will not post. So, I write a little something about. This is a free speech case and with this ruling, there is no restriction or cap on how much a corporation, a union, or a special interest group will spend to elect a tool to the White House, to a Governor's Mansion, or to local or county office. There is no limit an individual can spend. This may stop net neutrality once and for all. This may end up into having a corporate dictatorship under martial law. It is a ruling like Dred Scott and this may do serious damage to representative democracy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bruce Jenner

"Bitch, I want my ATM card!"

This is after he found out from his step-daughters that Kris, his wife, spent $4,000 on a single dress. Kris, complained that Bruce is wasting too much money on a hobby he loves: flying toy airplanes! "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" is an interesting show to watch.

The Democrats' Defeat in Massachusetts

Scott Brown, the Republican, won Ted Kennedy's old seat. All I gotta say is is that Pres. Obama and the Democrats need to get their shit together and get their heads out of their asses. They have been waffling too damn much and let the GOP run all over them!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Help the Victims of the Earthquake in Haiti

Get out your cell phone. Punch the word HAITI to 90999 and $10 will go directly to the Red Cross and you will be billed $10 on your next phone bill. Also, you can text YELE to 501501 and $5 will go directly to a charity headed by singer Wyclef Jean, who is Haitian helping his fellow Haitians and $5 will be on your phone bill.

A small earthquake, of a magnitude of 6.3, occurred in the extreme southernmost part of Argentina not far from the city of Ushuaia. So far, no reports of victims affected or structural damage and no effects in neighboring Chile. This earthquake took place somewhere between Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica. This was reported on AP and AOL Latino published an article.

Monday, January 11, 2010


This year is a year where I got to be so lucky. I am now serving jury duty and will have to miss work from time to time. That is all I have got to say about that.

This race thing is politics is an example of political expediency. Republicans have been saying racist and nasty things about Pres. Obama for a long time and now that you have Clinton and Reid saying things that are just as bad, Republicans cry foul and want Sen. Reid to resign. I cannot excuse what Clinton and Reid have said, but when some Republicans say stuff that is just as bad or worse, there is nobody calling for their resignations. There are commentators such as Olbermann and Maddow calling them out, but never for their resignations. The head of the RNC, Michael "You be da man" Steele is calling out for Reid's resignation. Reid's comment was stupid, but it doesn't call for his resignation, not as long as other senators and congressmen say things just as stupid if not more stupid. This is what makes this country great. We have freedom of expression and that includes the expression to say things that are stupid and ignorant. Apparently, there is a lot of ignorance going around in Washington, D.C. There must be something in the water.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

National Security

I am happy to know that the underwear bomber did not succeed in blowing up that plane heading for Detroit, but why didn't the CIA listen to the father's warning that his son was going to do something that will kill innocent lives! Message to Pres. Obama, Janet Napolitano, and Brennan: We need better and more tighter national security! This is all I've got to say and now, I will watch the Alabama-Texas game!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brit Hume to Tiger: "You Need Jesus!"

Brit Hume from Fox News send a rather evangelical message to Tiger Woods on a secular news program that Tiger should renounce Buddhism and convert to Christianity because in his view, "Christianity offers forgiveness while Buddhism doesn't." From that piece of information, I do not know what religion Tiger practices. From his wreck, his wife wanting to beat him with a golf club, from the media's revelation of his encounters with women from around the world as a married man, I imagine he doesn't follow many religious teachings of any kind. Buddhism teaches followers to stay away from illicit sexual desires and practices. To reach Nirvana, you deny and do away with material things and loose living. I wonder why he married that Swedish woman. He can't find an African-American woman to marry, especially one who is single and makes high income, living in places like Atlanta? Also, as we are observing the downfall of Tiger Woods, advertisers are dropping him like flies. Yeah right, like as if these executives of these companies live a much higher standard than Tiger Woods!
What makes Brit Hume an authority on religion, especially Buddhism? He is no more of an authority of it than Harun Yahya. He thinks that the teaching of Sidhartha Gautama tells Tiger to cheat on his wife, make all you can and not share it with anyone, live loose and fancy free, and have all the women there are? Absolutely not! How does Mr. Hume know what religion Tiger Woods follows? Maybe he is like the late Isaac Hayes and Tom Cruise of the living, who follow that joke called Scientology. If Tiger decided to become a Christian, God will forgive him, but what he did won't go away. But, the advertisers and the media who are dragging him down certainly hold lower standards than Tiger ever could. It's the same media that keeps airing Dick Cheney trashing Pres. Obama everywhere he goes and the media can't get enough of it, while we, the people, have had enough! And Brit Hume is too dry to make a personal remark similar what D. L. Hughley would say if somebody was not acting right. Mr. Hughley would just say to them: "You need Jesus!" This piece of advice is followed with laughter, appearing less judgmental. But, Brit Hume was serious, sounding like Pat Robertson!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Start of the New Year

We are at the start of a new decade and while Pres. Obama is visiting family in Hawaii, Rush Limbaugh landed in the hospital as he visited the Aloha state. Alan Colmes did call these callers out, who told him that they wish Limbaugh would die while in the hospital. I'm glad he did, because this becomes a double-standard. It compares to a pastor praying that Pres. Obama ends up with a brain tumor and dies. I, for one, don't wish for anything bad to happen to either Rush Limbaugh or Pres. Obama. This is one of the many reasons why I listen to talk radio less than I have in the past and why I started to turn the news channels off and watch programming that is more entertaining.
What is my source for news? My local newspaper and news from the BBC on local public television. My college football team won by a field goal tonight and for now, all is right in the world.