Sunday, June 21, 2009

Does former Miss California deserve our prayers?

She took a stand. She spoke out against same-sex marriage. She took a hit from the media and the gay community over her stand. She did not win Miss USA over her stand and later on, lost her Miss California crown. If it was all she did by stating an unpopular opinion especially from California, I would say yes, she deserves prayers.

But, and there is this doubt in my mind. What about all of those semi-nude pictures of herself? Did that by itself cause her to lose her crown? I see some hypocrisy here. If she is a born-again Christian, as she claims she is, then why would she pose for these pictures? A beautiful woman like her, who is a Christian, posing nude pictures as these opinions were made known to the public. Many men see these pictures and are, at this very moment, thinking about her as I write. I have to admit. She is not like Heidi from "I'm a Celebrity. Get Me Outta Here!" Heidi and Spenser, the obnoxious couple from that show, who were kicked off the show, are the worse examples of devout, religious people I have even seen or witness on the tube! They get dunked and then they say they found Jesus! Heidi, as the great Mother Theresa she has become, is planning to pose for Playboy this fall, claiming that she is "the upbeat version of Mother Theresa." No, she is a big hypocrite! Again, she would have wolves lusting after her like they still do for Kim Kardashian. I say, "go Al Roker!"

Heidi and what is her name, Parjean? can never convince me to pray for them, except for their salvation and maybe to quit being such hypocrites as they have been with their lusty photos I don't need to see.

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