Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Religious People Are Really Social Darwinists

This needs to be said. Some born-again Christians and maybe some Muslims are really social Darwinists in disguise, especially if they are teaching at school. They sound like a bunch of crappy sociologists. We know how it is America. The standard we should all live up to is to be like some white, upper-middle class Yankee from Pennsylvania and we are supposed to talk like him, too. They believe whites are more superior than blacks and/or Latinos. They believe that western Arkansas is much more superior to eastern and central Arkansas. Whatever it is, they got some beef about a group of people whether it's one group or the other. Go to a Sunday School class at church and you may endure a little bit of politics. That doesn't bother me. What concerns me is when you have a religious leader who heads the music department, and when you get ready to practice your choir music, you hear about school because he is a teacher and you hear about how some students don't match up to other students. He argues that they don't have the discipline. I thought that's what kids are there at school for, to be taught the things they need to know and to be taught discipline. Am I missing something? But, when or if they go on about intelligence, this is where I draw the line. It is not because the kids are stupid; it is because they are lazy or their parents don't discipline them at home. I have heard this "bell curve" argument go on and on and on with some church members reaffirming their old time racist beliefs and I don't believe racism and religion go together. There is no place for racism in any religion. Banning books is something I will always fight against. This is the reason I did not want Palin anywhere near the White House. There is one book I might ban and that is the book entitled "The Bell Curve," a book about how whites are better at this, how Asians are better at that, how black men have the biggest penises, and how Asian men have the smallest. It is a book I like to use as something I throw with. Just throw it from one place to another. Without the skin, we are all the same basically. The bones are bone white and the blood is ruby red. Adam and Eve may have been medium-brown-skinned people. As progenitors of mankind, they were able to produce people are all skin colors from the very fair to the very dark and lived almost 1000 years to be able to do so. Some of these religious people must not believe that or weren't taught. If they don't believe that, they must be followers of Social Darwinism
like Hitler, Mussolini, and David Duke.

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