Sunday, May 31, 2009

Various Things

I have a Yahoo Group called "Ethnic And Cultural Studies" and a friend of mine who is a member sends messages to it and suddenly I am now getting e-mail telling me that his messages may be "possible spam." What I end up doing is approving the messages. His messages are not about visiting web cams, porn sites, or how you receive millions of dollars from Nigeria. It is about culture, ancient artifacts, and about archaeology. I guess the trouble with him right now and I don't mean to offend him in any way and he means well is the fact that he has nothing else to do in his life right now but to send messages and articles to various blogs and Yahoo groups. I don't know if he has a job. I know he has started to write and publish his own books. I have helped him out on an occassion to sell his books on . These books are fictional novels based on pre-Islamic Arabian life. One of them is "Ilat." I am hoping and praying he finds other things to do during the day other than posting messages. I don't know why he does this. Is it because he is trying to educate the web-blogging public in his own way? For those of us who are members of one or two Yahoo groups and he is also a member of them, too, we often get a great deal of information overload from him and who can keep it all straight. He does so at "Babel" where he post many messages on paleontology. There are not that many people who are interested in dinosaur bones or brontasaurus bones, or what have you. He was at one time warned by the owner of the group that if he only posted those types of messages, the membership would drop significantly. This is something he don't seem to understand. Also, his posting in general has exhausted me to the point where I have very little interest in the internet. So, what's a group owner to do?

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