Friday, January 30, 2009

The Idolaters of Georgia

I watched "Hardball" last Wednesday and I saw a video of radio fat cat Rush Limbaugh talking on the phone to a congressman from Georgia, Rep. Gringing (I believe that's how it's spelt), and as they were talking, this congressman was apologizing to his little god Rush for saying bad things about him on "Hardball." When he was on that show, he was merely disagreeing with Rush as he was talking to Chris Matthews. This congressman when he was on the phone talking to Rush was kissing his ring, so to speak, kissing his behind, so to speak, and telling him how great the Old Great One Rush is and how constituents in his district were calling this congressman for saying bad things about Rush on "Hardball!" So, he pleases some of his constituents' wishes by calling Rush and butt-kisses Rush live on national radio and later, national TV! How pathetic! Most of these people who want Gringing to do this probably consider themselves born-again Christians, but their action speaks for themselves. His constituents are idolaters to the umpteenth degree, who don't care about the issues, who don't want to see the rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure, who don't want a solution passed to get us out of a world recession, who really don't believe in God and apparently thinks Rush is, and who want gridlock in government so nothing can be done. Gringing was not very smart, unless he knows if he didn't call in to Rush's charade parade, he may not get re-elected back into office. We are talking about a state where whites overwhelmingly voted for McCain and blacks overwhelmingly voted for Obama. And I would guess this congressman's district is a white district, probably covering such places as Forsyth County and Stone Mountain. Never have I seen such display of political theater as this. It ranks up there with the impeachment and the ostracizing of Rob Blagojevich. Gringing kisses Rush Limbaugh's fat, drug-infested behind and worships him as Lord in front of the American viewing public. Again, how pathetic! Just like Rush has got some power to say who lives and who dies, especially in American politics. And Rush is a man who desperately does not want 'liberals' to succeed. He hates Obama and can't stand the fact he's the president now elected by the people. No, it's not 'liberals' that is bothering Rush. It's America that turning to a new direction. He doesn't want the country to succeed. So, he turns the GOP into a bunch of idol-worshipping, butt-kissing dittoheads who will do anything the fat windbag wants, even if it means the self-destruction of this great nation!

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