Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 should be a good year

I say good riddance to 2008 and this month, Barack Obama will be inaugurated president and it couldn't come too soon. He has Gaza to deal with as he takes on this job. Radio Havana Cuba reports on New Year's Eve that protestors in Hawaii were there where Obama and his family were staying protesting the attack on Gaza, telling Obama that Gaza needs food and medical help, not bombs as Obama and his family were riding by. The attack he is receiving from the left is quite astonishing, but not surprising. They are upset over his choice of Warren for invocation. I don't care for Warren myself, but I can live with it. This event should be interesting. But, there are more important things to be concerned about than on who will be doing the prayer. Afghanistan, Pakistan-Indian conflict, Israel-Palestine, the economy, the financial crisis; who cares who's going to be praying. Islamists, radical gays, leftist apologists, you are now in the dog house where evangelical Christians and conservatives have been before. The evangelicals who did vote for McCain are standing in support of Obama now. It is you Islamists, radical gays, and leftist apologists who are now wanting to tear him down. Islamists who want to set up sharia law in the West to ghettoize the Ummah is something many moderates of the Ummah will vehemently oppose in defense of civil rights, human rights, women's rights, and civil liberties. Moderates like me will stand in defense of freedom while leftist apologists will stand behind the Islamist clerics, making this for the Ummah "a matter of choice." But, this is further from the truth. It is force on the Ummah. Radical gays and marriage. Well, Obama is opposed to gay marriage, but supports civil unions. So, I doubt that he is regressing. Do radical gays think they can force Warren to marry them at his Saddleback Church? Ha, ha, surely they jest! If they could still marry in California, like they still can in Massachusetts and in Connecticut, many churches, temples, and mosques will deny the opportunity and tell them where they can go! This may be tyranny of the majority to their eyes, but that's how the voters in CA see it. Well, boo hoo!
Leftist apologists will stand by defending them as a matter of choice, but at the same time, they did not choose to be gay. Well, maybe they were forced! We are finally going to get the Bush-Cheney team out of the White House and these shitheads choose to tear down Obama. It just doesn't end!

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