Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Smart to do the Oath the Second Time

I'm glad they did this. The oath was done the second time because President Obama knows what he's up against. The loonies on the right will say that his presidency was not legit. And this is the reason this had to be done, even though Obama is legally president anyway. Inauguration Day was a good day. I am already seeing a difference. The big news is the gradual shutdown of Guatanamo. I am very supportive of this decision. What to do with those captured? Send them back to their countries. Let's the authorities over there deal with it. I am afraid we will find more that are innocent than proven guilty. For those who are guilty, send them back. The most unpopular thing Pres. Obama can do this time is to send the prisoners states side. This is about like what former Pres. Carter did in 1979 when he ordered the Marielitos from Cuba to be sent to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas and this was what made Carter very unpopular with voters there in 1980. And it didn't help Gov. Clinton at all. Pres. Obama should not do that, regardless which facility in which state he sends the Gitmo prisoners. No, send them all back to the Middle East and Afghanistan. When American troops captured them in battle, why would the captured be sent to Cuba in the first place? They should have imprisoned them there where the fighting is at. This is another waste of taxpayers' money.

Also, lobby groups are getting the shaft from our new president. Good!

This is a big change from what we had before.

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