Friday, January 9, 2009

What Gaza is Now

A prison for 1.5 million residents living in an area about the size of Philadelphia in land mass.
A concentration camp, people can't leave, Israel embargoes the Strip, lack of medical supplies,
people hurting, people dying, lack of food, an Iranian ship comes to the rescue bringing needed
aid to the trapped Palestinians, will it be allowed to help? The American media is very one-sided
on this situation, but are unable to sway the American public to the Israeli view. The public is split over the issue. I continue to watch Press TV and I've sent messages to the Babel Yahoo!
group and to the REAL DEAL group, an African-American group, and the replies over Press TV
have been very positive and I am confident this station on the web is getting new viewers throughout the world. Phosphorus Shell bombs continue to attack the people there, burning off people's skins if contacted. I'm saying this not ignoring the Hamas' attack on Israel from Gaza or
the attacks from Lebanon, but more death, more damage is far more prevalent in Gaza.

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