Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Channel for Info on Gaza

I have found a station that you will not on any cable system here in the U.S. nor to be provided by a Satellite company. It is Press TV . The coverage of Gaza is quite extensive and much, more detailed than what you will find on MSNBC. Press TV has correspondents, although non-Western, reporting from within Gaza where there are no lights on at night and where up to, if not, more than 660 Palestinians have died. CNN, MSNBC, and the FNC do not have reporters reporting from within Gaza. They report from Israel a few miles from the Gazan border. So, from them, you get a bias, an angle from the Israeli standpoint. On Press TV, you get what is happening within Gaza itself to these people living in Gaza, stuck, can't get off, helpless, scared, and nowhere to escape the bombs made out of phosphorus, which severely burns the skins of those who end up hit by these bombs and many of these people who are attacked are civilians.
I hope I am not writing to the choir here. Press TV and the other station I see on YouTube, Al-Jazeera, have correspondents in Gaza. And BTW, regardless if MSNBC has an Arabic translator telling gullible viewers what Al-Jazeera is reporting, you don't have to rely on MSNBC to mistranslate, cover up while translating, or lie to the viewer what Al-Jazeera is reporting. You can view Al-Jazeera yourself on the web either in English or in Arabic using Real Player or Live Station. The bombing is an outrage and just now Venezuela kicked an Israeli envoy out of their country over Gaza. The U.S. sends more aid to Israel than the whole continent of Africa itself!
If aid were to be cut off, then, there will be a ceasefire! That's my take. What will Bush do? Nothing. What will Obama do? Possibly the same. I am disappointed in him.

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