Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Kind of Democrat Will Arlen Spector Be?

People from the liberal end of the political spectrum are skeptical of Sen. Spector in his new role as a Democrat. I can't blame them. He does not support the Employee Free Choice Act and he does not support the nomination of Dawn Johnson as Assistant Attorney
General. But, he has voted for Pres. Obama's Stimulus Bill. He was only one of three Republicans who did in the Senate. As a Democrat in Pennsylvania, he has the chance to be re-elected to the Senate next year with full support from the President and the Democratic Party. But, there is no guarantee he will be part of that 60-vote block the Democrats need. There are two senators from Arkansas who don't always vote along with the party for fear of Wal-Mart, the business interest and the farming interest turning against them. Sen. Blanche Lincoln does not support EFCA. So, the change that Sen. Arlen Spector made will not change a thing. EFCA may still end up getting killed in the Senate and never to make it to Pres. Obama's desk to sign it into law. Health care reform and the right for workers to from a union are reality if the Democrats don't blow it. The Republicans are fading into Southern extreme land and what an opportunity the Democrats have to bring single payer health care to the American people and better jobs for more working Americans to become part of the middle class again. Don't blow it!

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