Friday, May 1, 2009

Archie Bunker Lives On

The character played by Carroll O'Connor lives on in our minds. At least, for some of us. I hate receiving spam mail. The more of I have, the more I would like to give up this use of technology. Some people from work received a spam mail containing a joke. It was very Archie Bunkereque. Someone makes this statement. "We will have a black president when pigs fly!" Now, we do have a black president. The conclusion is, "We now have a black president and we have swine flu." Some folks find this funny, but I'm not laughing. The mail was received by many at work and this joke is told throughout McCainland. Those who find it funny find Archie Bunker to be a bit old fashion and not actually a bigot. But, to this day, bigoted jokes are found to be funny and Vaudeville could just very well make a comeback in areas of the deep South and mountain West. TVLand still gets big ratings with re-runs like "All in the Family," but at the same time are concerned about an increasingly aging demographic who continues to watch their network, a part of Viacom.
Scapegoating Mexican immigrants with the swine flu seems to be the rule of day for Congressional Republicans and the Fox News Channel. A baby dies in the hospital and there are no condolences for the family of that baby who died from the H1N1 virus. I was told by a Fox News viewer that we will soon have virus cases here in Arkansas "because we have so many Mexican people with their relatives." As far as what I noticed, most of the cases are at one Catholic school in New York. None of them are Latino or Mexican nationals. Of course, no cases are found in Ark. so far. But, that don't mean we won't have. Some people still find that Chinese, Japanese, Dirty Knees, Look at These joke to be extremely funny. So much so, they fall off their chairs. I've seen this joke told by young Asians on YouTube. Now, I thought that may be funny. But, when I have seen it, my reaction was "WTF?!" So far, this message is written by a real meathead. I bleed my heart red with liberalism, or is it blue? And the Archie Bunkers out there are after our meathead president telling us who his nominee to the Supreme Court will be; "a left-wing activist judge." Roe v. Wade won't be overturned now! Gee, why didn't they turned it over anyway? Look who former Pres. Bush appointed. They could have dared to be different and overturned it.
They had the votes. Oh, it was just a political game the GOP was playing with its rightist base. This is who the Archie Bunkers of this country supports, but they never deliver. They hope the Dems will fail so that they can get back into power as they shrink to oblivion. All they left is the jokers who tell these jokes and an audience who listens to them.

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