Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's call the Tea Parties for What They Really Are

They are a big joke. They are actually complaining about taxation with representation. They are ignorantly protesting the bailouts, the TARP, that former Pres. Bush signed into law last fall, while at the same, they are protesting against socialism and against Pres. Obama, with an image of him wearing a Mao Tse-Tung hat. The GOP is behind this riff-raff, although what these tea baggers are protesting is what the GOP has been responsible for. Pres. Obama wants a middle-class tax cut and to raise the tax on the top 2%, bring the rate back to what it was when Ronald Reagan was President! And these guys protest over that? And these same people are not happy to see a Navy captain get rescued from those Somali pirates? They actually wanted Obama to fail in this venture? They want to blame the high taxes and the bailouts on Pres. Obama when he actually had nothing to do with it? It's funny. This charade is all about Republicans protesting what has been done in the last, oh, 8 to 16 years, by Republicans! I am hoping nobody gets hurt by these stupid protests. Do these people have jobs? How do they find the time? If any of them are making well over $250,000 a year and own lots of land, I can see why they may protest. But, these are not. This may be from the disgruntled who are unemployed, which makes it pretty bad. This is why the economy needs a big fix and soon!

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