Monday, April 6, 2009

Certain Issues Just Don't Have a Place in Modern Time

Today, I erased three posts I've made last month on a preacher who, I believe, made a bamboozle of a comment that would fit into the times 100 years ago, but doesn't have a place in this modern time when he spoke out against interracial heterosexual marriage at the end of his sermon. I had to admit. I was furious. I attacked the person on these three posts, called him dumb, and I did it because I felt he was wrong. What is the big fuss? Two people get together, fall in love, get married, has some kids, and live a miserable life. They are not doing anything that is different. Most religious faiths support marriage between a man and a woman and that's all. They don't support polygamous marriage or same-sex marriage. Most leaders of religious institutions speak out against that. Of course, in these modern times, they say nothing about relationships outside of marriage or "shacking up." Strange! But, it seems to me when someone says that he opposes interracial marriage, I wonder what else in regards to race he opposes. Does he oppose integration of different peoples in a society? Does he want the return of Jim Crow laws? Does he not want his people to associate and make friends with other people? Does he dislike certain kinds of music and punishes his kids for listening to it because the artists are of a different race or nationality? Is he a separatist? NO religious institution should have him as their leader, unless they risk losing members and then, ceasing to exist. There are now plenty of people and children growing up who are of mixed backgrounds. Jim Crow does not have a place in religion today.

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