Friday, April 3, 2009

Pres. Obama in Europe

So far from watching the tube, I am pleased with Pres. Obama and the first lady, Michelle Obama and the U.S. looks good to me and to the rest of the world. Pres. Obama towers over
French Pres. Sarkozy and both Obamas tower over the Queen of England. We are standing tall
once again. It looks like we are increasing our presence in Afghanistan, because, as he tells the French, al-Qaida is still a threat. There should be more troops there, but, at the same time, having too many troops may cause a reaction from the Taliban and they will recruit more troops of their own, making the situation in Afghanistan very volatile. Other NATO countries must also bring more of their troops to Afghanistan. America should not go into it alone. But, also with a combined force similar to what it was in Kosovo in 1999, we must not have too many troops there. There is a concern what will happen if we have too many troops there; a possibility of it backfiring on us as we search for Bin Laden. There is also a concern that al-Qaida will go to other safe havens around the world after we have established a presence in Afghanistan. They will go to Somalia or to Indonesia. The hunting for terrorists may need to be a police action with cooperation with other NATO countries. I appreciate Pres. Obama's leadership. He doesn't rub shoulders like former Pres. Bush did when Bush rub the shoulders of the German chancellor. How embarrassing he was to this country. It is good to have a President who will not embarrass us like that. For that, I am quite pleased.

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