Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Should the Bush team be prosecuted now?

My view is that, yes, they should be prosecuted, but not now. There is too much on Pres. Obama's plate, like the economy, the environment, health care, the two wars, a possible Taliban takeover of Islamabad according to Al-Jazeera English; it can backfire on him. If he gets too far to the left and pursues this, it could strengthen the GOP and looking at what they have right now, God help us all! I personally want the economy to pick up and start climbing back again. People I know who have been laid off from their jobs are people I like to see return back to their jobs. This is the issue with me right now. Do these things first and then, later on, see about doing a prosecution.
Of course, it is up to Atty. Gen. Eric Holder to pursue the prosecution, but for those on the left, don't get your hopes up and don't be surprised if he doesn't pursue this. People out there are still hurting. Some of them show up at tea-bagging rallies who, otherwise, would be more supportive of the new administration if they didn't lose their job. It sounds like to me that the President may need to do more traveling here in this country to see what is going on with the people instead of going overseas to meet with leaders nobody here wants to have anything to do with. I'm just saying. I voted for Obama and I still support him, but he, as president, could risk losing his Democratic Congress like Clinton and face two terms dealing with gridlock and not get nothing done in regards to health care, the environment, alternative energy, creating jobs, etc., if he steps in too soon to prosecute the Bush team. Do it much later.

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