Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Evangelicals Are Worried

Some evangelicals are worried, because they think the new Homeland Security Department is going after them. They think they are the terrorists, according to what they believe the DHS is implying. Nothing can be further from the truth. This is how well FOX News can feed misinformation to the public. If it is not them, then it must be coming from World Net Daily or the American Family Association. The alarm from the DHS is over the potential, future Timothy McVeighs that are out there. A man kills three police officers over what he fears the Obama Administration might do, such as take away his assault weapons. A man locally goes to the airport to steal a small airplane and got caught. Why would he want to steal a plane? Because he believes Pres. Obama is the anti-Christ and he wanted to get away from him. He wanted to take the plane to Israel to share with the people over there his prophesy. Isn't these the two reasons out of many reasons why the DHS is on alert? What is happening to the Christian community? I am not joining up with the wingnuts. Are many Christians signing up with the wingnuts? Do Christians not research these things out? Why do they fear Obama so much? There was more to fear from Bush than there was from Obama! The economic situation we're in started to happen while Bush was in power. He signed the bill to give the big banks the TARP money. Gasoline was sky high while he was in office. This caused the economic meltdown and Obama inherited this mess. The fear of more war was a possibility under Bush; the possible invasion of Iran! This could've happened. Some evangelicals want to have me believe this country was better off under Bush than it is today under Obama? Are they wanting to convince me that Sarah Palin would have been better, a candidate who could have been one step away from the White House if something catastrophically happened to McCain? They are being lied to, but by whom? They believe their kids can't pray in school. No, they can pray. The courts ruled out sponsored religious worship in school. According to Americans United, "students have a right to pray or to discuss their religious views with their peers so as long as they are not disruptive." But, at the same time, "public schools are prohibited from sponsoring worship or pressuring students to pray, meditate, read religious texts or take part in other religious activities." The average evangelical Christian is believed to think that prayer is prohibited and this is what they're told by their leaders. I don't mean to get into this today. The new Obama Administration knows that we live in a very diversified society and there is a concern about some of our soldiers coming from Iraq after they were ordered to torture Iraqi prisoners in the most, barbaric ways possible, coming home to do acts like a Timothy McVeigh has done in 1995 because they don't like the Obama Administration. Also, there has been rumors about members of white supremacist groups joining the military. No evangelical Christian should worry about the government catching them. It is a concern about the growing rise of domestic terrorism and growing numbers of hate groups occurring in the land, according the the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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