Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who supports these guys?

Shortwave radio is known throughout the world as world band radio. Here in the states, stations are picked up from many parts of world, but not only that, there is also these domestic blow torches we also receive such as stations on 3.185 WWRB, 3.215, and 5.070 MHz both brought to us by WWCR. These stations give us "Brother Stair" from Overcomer Ministry, Alex Jones, and various shouters that appear on the radio. Many of them tell us this basic message about how we Americans got where we are today and they put the blame on someone or some group like, for example, Adam Wieshaupt and the Illuminati. Some of the craziest stuff I can ever hear come from this radio market and WWCR also receives ads to support their station. I don't know whatever happened to WBCQ on 7.415 MHz. I have not been listening to this station recently and it is not on the air right now. This station plays various music programs and offers listeners their own show to be broadcast on the station for a fee owned by Allen Wiener. They also had A.J. on there from New Jersey who would get on the station and scream about illegal immigration and the undocumented workers. So, other than Hal Turner, this could have his sidekick. And yes, Hal Turner aired his show on WBCQ. These stations can give the radio listeners living in an sub-Saharan African village a bad impression about the U.S. since there is no internet or satellite TV. Well who supports these guys? Small contributions cannot be all they get. It is quite expensive to run a radio station from the air and it is expensive to run a world band radio station. This is the reason why many outlets such as the BBC have just about done away with shortwave broadcasting and now broadcast over the Internet instead. They also broadcast over pay radio such as Sirius or XM. Where BBC used to be on shortwave is where you may find Radio Netherlands instead.

Dr. Zakir Naik is the founder of the Islamic Research Foundation in Mumbai, India. He is also the owner of the Peace TV network. He is preceived to follow the Wahhabi tradition and this is what makes him very unpopular amongst many other Indian Muslims. He made a controversial statement sometime before the terror attack at Mumbai. He said he didn't know if Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist. He said that Osama Bin Laden was not the one who attacked America on 9/11 overtly or covertly, not saying anything about him orchestrating the attack and these guys following his orders. Also, he considered Yazid to be a prophet and offered him peace. Yazid was a caliph who murdered Hassan, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He is disliked amongst those of the Deobandi Muslim community. His IRF conferences draw thousands upon thousands of people, which is a concern to many Indian citizens. Some communities are planning to ban these conferences. And many wonder, who supports Dr. Zakir Naik and Peace TV? Is it possible they get it from Saudi Arabia? Al-Qaida?
This is my rant for today. Who supports them? Where do they get their money?

I hope your day has been a good day.

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