Monday, December 22, 2008

It's cold outside

What? A slow newsday? I hear a lot about it being very cold outside. Apparently, I lucked out.
It's cold, but there is no snow or ice on the ground while most of the country got piles and piles of snow and ice. From where I live, it will warm up during Christmas and we will get a lot of rain. No white Christmas this year while the rest of us already got their wish and now wishing it would all go away. Well, anti-Clinton troubadour Ken Starr will head the California Prop 8 Defense team. Conservatives will be receiving in their mailboxes a letter from Ken Starr and a plea from Ken from them a large donation to the defense team. I know how this works. I used to receive mail from all kinds of political groups asking me for a donation with a letter that is written in a way that tells me they are fighting for what is right and good for the country while the other side wants to destroy the country. This is how they get their money. Land in Utah up for the highest bidder, like the Arches. There might be some oil buried under there. People are protesting in Salt Lake City over this while a student went to the auction to bid for land, even though he didn't have the money, throwing monkey wrenches at the bidding, ready to go to jail for what he believes, and be charged with committing fraud. While the news has been about Caylee all day long, Rachel Maddow puts in some topics not mentioned all day in the press, which is some of those I have mentioned. The Cheney-Biden verbal boxing match. Shoes thrown at a cardboard of Blagojevich's likeness in Chicago. Haven't you heard? Shoe-throwing is the new protest cry!
But, it cold outside and now that Caylee is dead which I hated to hear and it's sad, the press are still going to talk about this and go on and on about it while other kids are turning up missing every minute as we blog, speak, or watch news on TV.

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