Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Making mistakes

"How do you feel?"

Answer : "Okay." But, done in a sarcastic way because it is not okay.

"Don't feel bad. Everybody makes mistakes. It is a part of learning __ __."

But I do feel bad. Make a mistake at a job and the boss is after you. You know you have a made of mistake and he knows it too. You got to be careful next time and pay attention.

All of this get me to thinking about all the mistakes we make even if I were doing things during my free time from work. Am I praying enough and studying enough? Am I living life the way it should be. When I think about it, I end up paying for my mistakes and yes, I feel bad, and I feel like running away. When someone makes a mistake and know it and don't want to face it, he runs away. But, I won't run away. I will face this tomorrow and know that I need to pay close attention. But, it don't erase the fact that I feel bad. So, when the day is done, I went home.
That's all there is to it.

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