Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Killings

This is sick. A deranged man who goes through a divorce, goes on a killing spree, dresses as Santa Klaus, pays a visit to a family of former in-laws, rings the door bell, kills a little girl, then kills whoever else is in the house, sets fire to the house, burns it down, and killing eight people trapped inside the burning house. Most of you have heard about already, so I don't need to say where it happened. After that, he goes and kills himself. This ruins the perception innocent kids can have about Santa Klaus when some psycho dresses like him and does this. This is one incident. I would not be surprised if this is happening everywhere. Some psycho out there is not happy. So, he sees to it that nobody else around him is not happy and goes on a warpath to destroy lives. It is the times we live. Many Jews, Muslims, and Christians say we are living in the end times. It must be what it is. The one we celebrate at Christmas is the one who is coming again soon.

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