Saturday, December 27, 2008

When does your car battery die?

It dies during the holidays and that's what it did. I knew I need to change it. This is something I had to do. I was glad I was in my hometown when it did. So when I got roadside assistance at Braum's to get the battery charged up, I went to Wal-Mart and I purchased a new one and got it installed. If you don't insurance coverage for roadside assistance or it expired earlier this year, you can be charged a little over $60 just to have someone come over to where you're at and charge up your battery. After that, I go to Wal-Mart to get a new one installed. When you pay for it, always keep the receipt. I was charged $69 to get that done. I expect to pay for a new battery, but to be charged for roadside assistance after not having to use it before. I got ripped off. Was there even a hint there was something wrong when I started the car on the way to Braum's? If I knew there was a slight bit of something wrong when I turned on the ignition, I would have gone to Wal-Mart anyway and get the new battery installed, while I went to the store itself to buy milk and orange juice there instead, hence saving me over $60. Oh well, we all learn. When something goes wrong with the car, it always seems to happen around this time of year. What about summer? Well, not always. I often go to see about getting my car fixed and ready, making sure there would be no additional problems with the car. Then, when there is no problem, you leave town. Winter? I didn't leave town. I never thought there was a problem. It seemed to be running fine until the time I tried to leave to Braum's parking lot. But, now that I got it fixed, my car is running fine and I am fine. The ordeal only lasted less then two hours. And I have my health and I thank God that's all there was wrong with the car. It needed a new battery. It could have been worse. I wasn't stranded on some lost highway. And nothing serious went wrong with the car and that I did not have an accident. I thank God (Allah SWT) that everything turned out alright. So, it only cost me over $60. I am thankful it didn't cost me much more than that.

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