Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A warning about filing weekly claims

Make sure you answer questions correctly. Like the first question, "Did you work for an employer for which you were paid or will be paid?" This will mess you up if you say yes, even though you did not work all last week, but still are employed with your company. If you say yes,
it is like you are not unemployed and that you have ceased receiving unemployment pay. You must say no. Otherwise, the DWS will want you to stand in line for 5 hours in order to be assisted.
Even if you want this question corrected, they want you to do that. If you call them, they will not answer you or forwarding to someone who might, but is not there to answer you either.

In my situation, I am still employed but my company is on some down time. So, receiving unemployment pay should not be a concern and since, I will be back to work next week, I am not wasting 5 hours of time standing in line so that somebody can tell me that my payment is denied because of holiday pay. Even if I get this situation corrected, it isn't worth it. I still have some cash to supplement me, so why go through this? If I mess up on answering one question that I
want corrected, I cannot get it corrected immediately. The DWS seems to want people to be stressed and stained and maybe become maniacs to get their attention only to have this problem runned up on my behind. It's not worth it. Either let the mistake stand as it is and not get pay or stand in line so nothing really gets done. No, let the mistake stand, enjoy the time off when you have it, and go back to work Monday. Then, when the time comes to file again, make sure I do not make that mistake again. This is my only option right now.

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