Saturday, August 30, 2008

Republicans are known to pick bad VP picks

The Republicans are known to pick bad VP picks and somehow, manage to win the election.
George H.W. Bush did it with Dan "you're no Jack Kennedy" Quayle, an unknown senator from Indiana. Richard Nixon did it with Spiro "Not pronounced Sprayro like that little town not far from where I live in Oklahoma" Agnew. This is a caveat for the Obama-Biden team. We known nothing about Sarah Palin except that every Republican hot shot is kissing her ass convincing us floor people working hard for less and less that she is an asset for this country. It appears that John McCain wants to continue the failed Bush legacy by putting people with little or no experience in the executive branch of government. We have witness what happened in southern Louisiana when Brown was head of FEMA. We cannot afford for something like this to happen again. Except for what Sarah Palin might have done to stop the bridge to nowhere project headed by Sen. Ted "the Internet is a series of tubes" Stevens, we don't know much about her, except she is involved in a scandal in Alaska over something that has to do with nepotism. She is not suited for the job. She can play the role as president when McCain goes overseas. She can become president if McCain dies in office. She will be that person who can make that crucial vote in the Senate to pass a bill or kill it.

The Obama-Biden team has now more experience. The experience factor has now been blow out the window by the McCain campaign. He can no longer say "Obama is not ready." I say Sarah Palin is not ready. She is governor of a big state with a very small remote population. Half of Alaska's residents live in the Anchorage area. But, she was mayor of a small town much smaller than Greenwood. McCain picks her to satisfy the religious right-wing base over nit-pick issues the GOP really doesn't care to address. Just take advantage of that base, feed them with a little bacon, and this will make them happy.

It is not worth the risk.

Obama-Biden 2008!

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