Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last night

MSNBC aired Hillary Clinton's speech late last night. I thought it was a great speech.
It was a speech directed at those hard-core Clinton supporters telling them now she
supports Barack Obama. These guys and gals have no other choice. She says to them
"no way, no how, no McCain." Are they doing it for her, or are they doing it for the middle
class, the mother with cancer lacking health care raising her children, the family trying to
make ends meet living off of minimum wage, etc. I hope the hard-cores realize that if
turn away and support McCain, they will get Bush on steroids. Instead of acting like
Clinton cult followers, I hope they cast their vote for Obama and help turn this thing around
this November. In response, I do agree. If McCain wins, America might not live to see its
236th birthday. We cannot afford another 4 years of runaway Reaganomics and crazy
wars. Maybe Hillary don't love Obama as some pundit clown on MSNBC was asking.
She don't have to love the man, but like many voters feel when they have to make the choice,
Obama is definitely the less of the two evils.

Another thing I have noticed on daytime television. A "religious" network called DayStar was
re-airing the so-called "debate" from the Saddleback "Church?" this morning. It seems to me
this worse excuse of a religious network is doing their worst to smear Obama as much as they can and it is clear to me who they are trying to push to its viewers, to get the evangelicals all riled up like a bunch of rednecks to cast their vote for John McCain over issues that are not as important.
The Obama does need to visit the southern states more. Barack Obama does need to win 2 or 3 of them to give him a better chance to win the general election.

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