Saturday, August 2, 2008

More on Music

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands." Psalm 100:1

"Sing aloud unto God our strength: make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob." Psalm 81:1

"Narrated by Aisha: 'Allah's Apostle (pbuh) came to my house while two girls were singing beside me the songs of Buath (a story about the war between two tribes of the Ansar, the Khazraj and the Aus before Islam). The Prophet (pbuh) lay down and turn his face on the other side. Then Abu Bakr came and spoke to me harshly saying, 'Musical instruments of Satan near the Prophet (pbuh)?' Allah's Apostle (pbuh) turned his face towards him and said, 'Leave them.' When Abu Bakr became inattentive, I signalled those girls to go out and they left. It was the day of 'Id, and the Black people were playing with shields and spears; so either I requested the Prophet (pbuh) or he asked me whether I like to see the display. I replied the affirmative. Then the Prophet (pbuh) made me stand behind him and my cheek was touching his cheek and he was saying, 'Carry on, O Bani Arfida,' till I got tired. The Prophet (pbuh) asked me, 'Are you satisfied (is the sufficient for you)?' I replied the affirmative and told me to leave."

I believe there is music that is good; music that is pleasing to us and also pleasing to God. But, most music today is haram or bad and apparently the Ansar girls during the time of Muhammad was not very pleasing to him. It puts somebody else ahead of God, taking God away from His rightful place.

I listen to many kinds of music; jazz, reggae, rock, gospel, etc. But, music can work to divide yourself from friends and loved ones. But, also at the same time, it unites people together over like-minded interests good or bad. I don't believe music is totally haram, but some of it I have heard in the past definitely is. I choose not to play the radio or music when there is mixed company. It can become a distraction. But, this is just me. And this is my take on it.

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