Thursday, August 28, 2008

John Brummett Sucks

John Brummett is an editorial writer for the Arkansas Times whose articles appear regularly on the Times Record, my local newspaper. He usually represent the "liberal", if you can call it that, Democratic view in Arkansas. Today, he disparages Barack Obama and quotes old quotes about what Joe Biden said about Barack Obama back in the Democratic Party debates. "He's not ready." And this beauty, "He is a clean, black man." He is one of those sore losers nagging about Hillary Clinton not winning the nomination and still is doing so even as Clinton stopped the roll call to help nominate Barack Obama as the Party nominee by a vote of ayes throughout the convention. What is John doing? Does he want McCain to win or does he not believe the Obama-Biden team can pull this off? Does he deep down in his heart not want a black man to become president of the United States? Does he feel in his mind that Hillary Clinton is just far better than Obama that he wishes he could be there on stage to tell Obama to step aside for the New York Senator for the DN? Mr. Brummett has played himself into the Karl Rove play book and is mimicking what GOP strategists like Mike Murphy are trying to do, divide and conquer. Play down Obama, make people believe that there is sharp division between the Clintons and the Obamas. Then, influence people to vote for McCain because according to the GOP shysters, "that's what the Clintons are going to do when they go to the polls." John Brummett is a kick them when they're up, kick them they're down type of columnist. He kicks Obama when he's up because he doesn't like his funny sounding name. He kicks Lu Hardin, the president of the University of Central Arkansas, when he's down even after Lu acknowledges he made a mistake wanting a $3oo,ooo bonus from the school and continues to kick him when he has to have surgery for one of his eyes. He is a sick man and worse excuse for a writer passing himself off as a liberal. No wonder so many Arkansans hate liberals so much.

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