Saturday, August 2, 2008

By the way....

There is not a single word of censure against music in the Qu'ran. Why somebody like, say, for example, Bilal Philips, believes that most if not all music is haram, I don't know? This is what I will come to believe what I thought was the teachings of Islam.

Also, by the way, music is encouraged in the Bible as I quoted two verses from Psalms in the last post.

Ibn Khaldun was a great Muslim philosopher and sociologist from the 14th century, about 700 years after the time of Muhammad. Among all professions he listed, he categorized music and writing as the highest ranking crafts in society. He believed that if music disappears from a society, there goes civilization itself. He said and I quote, "The craft of singing is the last of the crafts attained to in civilization..It is also the first to disappear from a given civilization when it disintegrates and retrogresses." But Jamaican-born Canadian Bilal Philips and the dude from Texas, Yusuf Estes both don't see it that way. They don't approve of clapping in applause. I believe they were taught by the Wahhabis that almost anything and everything is haram.
God, grants the students of theirs wisdom to show them that music is a good thing. I definitely do and have thought so for most of my life. The nasheed is music with singing and percussion. These clowns, Philips and Estes, are brainwashed by the radical teachings of the Wahhabis coming from Saudi Arabia, a country Americans pay high gas prices to and frankly, every American is totally fed up with life-strickening, money-making, snake-in-the-grass, "lets go bomb the West," cowards.

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