Monday, August 25, 2008

McCain goes low

The McCain ads are despicable. They come from the Karl Rove play book. The gal who is a turncoat who is now supporting John McCain because Hillary Clinton did not get the nod or
wasn't vetted to be the VP nominee. The spin job ad showing us Joe Biden saying Barack Obama is not ready at a Democratic debate. The Obama campaign could choose to go low on McCain. There is clip where John McCain was asked by a woman this question, "How are we going to defeat that bitch?" This is reference to Hillary Clinton. And John McCain answering her question without thinking not to do so. An ad that can be aimed at former Clinton supporters not to join the McCain camp. I have not seen them come up with that ad, which if they did, it would put the Obama campaign on the defensive. The DNC will be interesting. Unfortunately, I work the swing shift. So, I will miss the live coverage. I may record part of it. I want to watch the night when Sen. Obama accept the party's nomination and makes his speech.

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Edward Ott said...

yes shift work once again is not allowing me to watch this either. I do not believe that America can survive another 4 years of a republican white house.