Friday, May 15, 2009 Rubén Darío (English translation)

"I am in God what I am
and my being is the will
that, persevering today,
exist in eternity.

"Four horizons from abyss
have my reasoning, and
the abyss that has more feeling
is what I feel about myself.

"There is an enlightened point
in my village of illusion:
The elephant's tower next to
the peacock's kiosk.

"Still the meek subjugates me
as if it gilds my desire.
The turtle's shell tells me of
the pain of Orpheus.

"Good roses, tidy lyrics,
crazy from so much to ignore,
I am going to make myself shout
at the verge of the sepulchers.

"Lord, let my faith die!
Lord, look at my pain.
Misery! Misery!
Give me your hand, Lord!

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