Friday, May 8, 2009

Islam Day proclaimed in Hawaii

I am afraid Hawaii made a big mistake. Too many Americans misunderstand the religion and when they think about Islam, they think about al_Qaida and the Taliban. It is a mistake for the state of Hawaii to pass this resolution to celebrate this day this coming September. Already, many Hawaiians are expressing outrage over this and the loud right-wing talk show hosts are already yelling and unfortunately, this is where many evangelical Christians get most of their information nowadays if anyone would call it that. Many of them will go to church on Sunday and hear about what Hawaii did and then, put the blame on Democrats and Pres. Obama for not protecting the country and for not looking out for our best interest. It is a bad call for Hawaii although it was for good intentions; to inform Americans about the history of Islam and the contributions Muslims have made throughout history. But, all of this will be thrown out of the way and what we will hear instead is more hate and disgust and more about 9/11, something the American people will never get over, blaming many innocent people for what a few jerky guys did and killing themselves while doing it. Also, concerns for religion and state separation has been violated by this act. What if they wanted a National Catholic Day or a National Protestant Day, or a Hindu Day? How about a Sikh Day?

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