Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Why isn't there more time to discuss this scheme to burden the taxpayers?

Dems Against Bailout: The Constitution protects Americans!

The Bailout Bill dies. No bailout for Wall Street shysters with taxpayers footing the bill!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who won the debate?

Assalaam Alaykim. Ramadan Mubarak. Who won the debate last night? Nobody won. It's a toss up. The Obama camp says that the Obama camp won. The McCain camp says McCain did. I do think that Sen. Obama did quite well, but for me, he failed to point out how the working class is struggling under this trickle down economy and how this breakdown of this economy has failed them and that their best hope is to receive unemployment compensation and to hopefully trust in God that everything will get better after it gets worse. McCain wanted to put him on a corner about how Obama is a tax-and-spending liberal. I have heard all of that before. Republicans have been saying that about Democrats for the last 30 years. Instead of checking out a GOP-based group such as "Citizens Against Government Waste," it made be better to use thomas.gov as our source to check McCain's record and to check Obama's record. Barack Obama's ratings are getting higher if we can rely on the polls. But, I am afraid there will be fraud somewhere in this country to keep this election from being a fair election. We must look to Alhumdulillah Rabbiealamin than to look to a man to save us from calamity. I tend to favor one candidate over another as you can tell. I can be very biased, but the concern of Gov. Palin as a possible president if something happened to Sen. McCain is something I don't want to fathom. She holds a different belief system than I do. She seems to want to be on the attack when it comes to Russia. She sees it from her backyard. No journalist wants to put her to task on that statement. The Russian Far East has never been a concern of mine. Many Russians who migrated east are Russia's "frontiersmen." They move there to get away from the urban blight of the west. And I am pretty sure they want peace with their neighbors from the American state of Alaska. Why don't she travel there? Cross the Bering Strait, visit Vladovostok, and take the Trans-Siberian railway. She's governor of an American state, but never held a passport? Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter is visiting China and he's there to promote goods made in Arkansas. University of Central Arkansas has a sister school in China, the East China Normal University. Arkansas has close ties now to the Far East. I am also sure Gov. Beebe holds a passport. No doubt Halter does. I guess when in Alaska, don't drink the water.
Palin had parishioners in the Wasilla Assembly of God Church lay hands on her, giving assurance that the spirit of witchcraft don't touch her known as "Mama Jane." I prostrate and pray. I don't really want people laying their hands on me. When that happens, I end up depending on them to protect me and not God, or I start to add partners with God. Idolatry can result from this.
So, this is why supporting the Democrats, despite their imperfections or what I may disagree with them on certain issues, because what we had in the last eight years should not continue.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Response to John McCain

He says that he will suspend his campaign, not show up at the debate in Oxford, MS, so he can see if he can help bail out these greedy Wall Street speculators. I know this. He is not suspending his campaign. It's a gimmick. And, yes, the old fart will be there at the debate on Friday. Who is he fooling? He must think the American people are stupid. Either he thinks we are, or he thinks very little of Sen. Obama and believes that he is. And what an excellent photo shot of Gov. Sarah Palin sitting across from Henry Kissinger, the man who is responsible for prolonging the Vietnam War.
This says it all.

Let's Play Bailout

Let's Bailout these Wall Street speculators who got us into this mess in the first place!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Political Satire

What did President Bill Clinton ask Senator John McCain?

Answer: Are you nailin' Palin yet?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

belief in unseen.

We don't see God, but we believe in Him.

Surah 100: Al-Aadiyaat (Those that run)

Response to the events that occured this week.

Back Home

I spent a week staying in Hardy and visiting the southern Missouri/Northeast Arkansas area of the country. I've bought an old AM radio, a Zenith radio, that must be over 40 years old, but works great. The reception could never be so clearer and the range goes from 550 kilohertz to arounf 1650 kilohertz. I visited an antique mall and got it for $25. Basically that has been the highlight of the trip and I was only gone from home for only three days. I've got plenty of rest. I went swimming once, but found that the water was too cold even in the warmest part of the day. The temperature was below 50 degrees Fahreinheit at night and got as high as near 80 during the day. I visited Mammoth Spring, AR, Thayer, MO, West Plains, MO, Hoxie-Walnut Ridge, AR, Williams Baptist College, and downtown Hardy. I get around more on vacation than I would when I don't have any vacation time. I have weekends, but I don't get around like I should. So, this was a break from the rut and routine. I go back to work Monday. I go back to an atmosphere of uneasiness after having time away. Please, pray for me.

Alhmdulillah Rahbiealamin.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gerry Rafferty Baker Street

Something from 1978.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New links

I have found some new links to my list of blogs. Including the one I've found called "Virtually Islamic," I want to try to find similar blogs like that with names like "Virtually Christian," "Virtually Jewish," and maybe "Virtually Hindu." I don't want this blog to be just about politics, especially liberal politics, and about Islam. I want to diversify it a little more with music and music videos. I added a few of those videos last night, but without success, I couldn't upload from YouTube the Hall & Oates videos. I keep getting an error from the YouTube site. So, I may try other sites to upload these fantastic videos. Who needs a show on RTN-TV like "Retro Jams" when we can watch old music videos from video sites? I have noticed that for the last two Sundays, RTN has not shown the TV music video show. It would feature by request videos by Men Without Hats, Cindi Lauper, Def Leppard, Led Zepplin, Bad Company, Bananarama, and others. But, in 2008, people get bored watching these senseless music videos, and also why watch them on TV when you have the internet? Anyway, I do believe it's time to take this blog to a new direction.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bush's Motorcade Passes Up Parents of Dead Soldiers for McCain Fundraiser

Cool! Go get 'em!

Leo Sayer-When I Need You

"When I need love/ I just close my eyes and I touch love"

Several bombs rock India's capital - 13 Sept 2008

What a barbaric act!

The Beard

No explanation. Let Yusuf Estes explain it.

John McCain's ads are Lies. Here's the video proof.

It seems to me that the McCain campaign acts more like a 527 all the time swiftboating his opponent.

Robbie Dupree Steal Away

I have been attempting to put music video on this blog, but to no avail. I hope this works.

Sura Baqarah 2 :183 - 187 Mishary Alafasy

These are the verses on Ramadan.

Here We Go Again

A terrible hurricane hits the Gulf Coast and gas prices soar with service stations spiking the prices up as we go get some petrol, while the price of crude goes down. Family members trying
to tell me who I should vote for because they don't like the guy I am supporting. I've got news for them. I can't stand the guy they are wanting to vote for and nothing, nothing will change my mind, so the heck with them! Yeah, let's vote for more war, more layoffs, more home foreclosures, more bankruptcies. The time we live is awesome. Let's make some more of it by supporting the GOP. Yeah, right!! Grrrrr! I still have a job at the company I worked for, but at the same time, the company is laying off 700 more people this coming November closing down second shift. They are laying off people who have worked there since 1998. Wow, the times could never be any more prosperous. This is the mark of the Bush legacy and the American people can't get enough of it. I can't depend on polls and the debates have not taken place yet, but it is numbnuts of our voting population who are going to mess it up for the rest of us this time again. If members of the family want to buy into this, they can go ahead. I won't stop them. But, they best better not tell me who I should vote for. They can take that crap to Hades, if you know what I mean.
Ah, the Clinton years. I am nostalgic for them again. Low gas prices, low unemployment, low inflation, job security, working lots of overtime with pay. Those days are gone and the shitheads run the show now. And I want to vote them out. But, here we go again. Same stupid politics, abortion, gay marriage. So what? The issues are the economy, the war, national security, health care, maintaining Social Security, jobs going overseas. The GOP can't address them now, so they browbeat as they campaign. Lipstick on a Pig? John McCain has used that expression time and time again. They hate it when Obama used it the other day referring to the empty McCain plan, not their darling Sarah Palin! The Democrats are bringing up the issues while the GOP browbeats.
Excuse me, I live in the Stupid Belt, where certain people don't care about other people when they fall on hard times. In fact, they laugh at them, asking them, "Are you gonna go to Mexico?"
Or maybe "Are you gonna go to China?" I guess the reply can be, "yes, so I can finally leave this hedonistic society where you church-goers dwell."

Thursday, September 11, 2008


On 9/11/01, I worked the graveyard shift and I came home to relax before going to bed to sleep during the day after I worked all night. The last thing I did before going to bed was look at some music CDs I have in my collection. I had a couple of Galician music CDs I was looking at and that I was listening to. I did not find out about the incident until I woke up from bed in the after noon and turned on talk radio and then turned on the TV. I couldn't believe what happened. I couldn't believe how it could happen. Airport security was asleep that day apparently just like I was from working all night. I was outraged that this happened. Why didn't the federal government know about this attempt before this was going to take place. Two buildings were blown up in NYC, the Pentagon in DC was attacked, and there was another attempt by hijackers on another plane aimed at DC again, but was stopped by passengers and as a result, the hijackers and the passengers all died in a plane crash in Pennsylvania. At home, people were panicking over gasoline. Service stations were spiking the price, gauging it, I should say. Prices were anywhere from $1.47 gallon to $10 a gallon. So, people were hovering at Murphy's at Wal-Mart to get $1.47 a gallon gas. I had some gas that day, but I can't imagine that there are sellers who will manipulate and try to take advantage of a bad situation, ripping people off, and profit from it. Similar situations have now occured since 9/11, but it's very subtle and not near as obvious.
Ark. Attorney General Mark Pryor, during the time, caught what these retailers were doing and that they were gauging the price of petrol. So, after that day, the retailers brought the price back to where it was during that time and I believe it was around $1.45 a gallon. I wish I can pay that again. I am now paying $3.49 a gallon. High, but better than in California. So, that what I did on 9/11. I was at home resting from working overnight. Back then, I thought George Bush was going to do what he said he would do. Catch Bin Laden. Troops go into Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban and they did, but Bush breaks his promise to catch Bin Laden and from that time on, I grew very critical of the Bush-Cheney administration and the GOP. He said he would catch Bin Laden and several months later in 2002, Bush said he had no interest in catching Bin Laden. Whatever confidence I had in him was lost forever since!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Election Issue Not Talk About At Home

I hear very little or nothing about the Presidential Election here at home, especially at work. There's nothing said about Obama, Biden, McCain, or Palin. There are people who are put up about politics and government corruption. Rather than talking about that, the subject is football.
It's football season again with all the highlights. High School Football, College, or the NFL. I am
not excited about the Razorbacks. They have a young team this year and they play the Longhorns at Austin this weekend. I believe they are going to get stomped. They won 2 games so far, but just barely, winning only by one point over Louisiana-Monroe. It is not very promising year in football. I may skip football this season. It seems to be the way it looks. Later.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Support the Global Da'wah Campaign

Rod Paisley exposed for his ignorance of Islam and America's history.

Surah 84: Al-Inshiqaaq (The Splitting Open)

Alan's blog

If you want to know what the right-wingers are about and how they never agree to disagree, go to Alan.com and read the vicious attacks Alan Colmes receives on a daily basis. They think they are holier than thou, meaning you and me and they continue to call Alan all kinds of names and attack his character while at the same lacking any character whatsoever. If any of them go to church, and saved by grace through Jesus Christ, they totally ruin their testimony about their salvation with the words they use and attacks other respondents who are big fans of Mr. Colmes.
If you are a sensitive person, don't go to this site. It may be ruin your walk with God. I thought I should write this.

Anyway, I went to buy a DVD book. I have too many DVDs of movies and documentaries stored in these packages that need to be thrown away. They take up too much space, so I buy this book from Best Buy and took the DVDs and stored them in this book. It made a difference. I was able to make more space for other items and I placed the book where the TV is in a cabinet. These packages these DVDs you buy that come with it are not worth keeping. If a buy a DVD now, I throw away the package and keep the DVD.

Ramadan Mubarak for those who are observing the Hijri month of fasting!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Barack Obama Goes To The Fox Den | John McCain Doesn't Like CNN's Peaches!

Though I didn't see the interview, here is a YouTuber who is sharing his views on FOX, Obama, and McCain. Working the swing shift keeps me from watching Hot Temper O'Reilly.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have one thing to say..

The GOP ticket makes fun of community organizing. How cynical!
Community organizing is what gave the 40-hour work week, the
abolition of child labor, the civil rights movement and the change
that took place, women's rights, the peace movement; it's how people
get involved in their communities when arrogant politicians are out
of touch with the people they serve. The Palin speech is a caveat for
many of us who care about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Former POW says McCain is

I know the RNC is going on right now and I don't mean to make this blog into the War Room, but John McCain's known temperment is a concern to me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

I'm a little tired of politics today. So, I will write something later when I feel up to it again.