Saturday, September 6, 2008

Alan's blog

If you want to know what the right-wingers are about and how they never agree to disagree, go to and read the vicious attacks Alan Colmes receives on a daily basis. They think they are holier than thou, meaning you and me and they continue to call Alan all kinds of names and attack his character while at the same lacking any character whatsoever. If any of them go to church, and saved by grace through Jesus Christ, they totally ruin their testimony about their salvation with the words they use and attacks other respondents who are big fans of Mr. Colmes.
If you are a sensitive person, don't go to this site. It may be ruin your walk with God. I thought I should write this.

Anyway, I went to buy a DVD book. I have too many DVDs of movies and documentaries stored in these packages that need to be thrown away. They take up too much space, so I buy this book from Best Buy and took the DVDs and stored them in this book. It made a difference. I was able to make more space for other items and I placed the book where the TV is in a cabinet. These packages these DVDs you buy that come with it are not worth keeping. If a buy a DVD now, I throw away the package and keep the DVD.

Ramadan Mubarak for those who are observing the Hijri month of fasting!

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