Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here We Go Again

A terrible hurricane hits the Gulf Coast and gas prices soar with service stations spiking the prices up as we go get some petrol, while the price of crude goes down. Family members trying
to tell me who I should vote for because they don't like the guy I am supporting. I've got news for them. I can't stand the guy they are wanting to vote for and nothing, nothing will change my mind, so the heck with them! Yeah, let's vote for more war, more layoffs, more home foreclosures, more bankruptcies. The time we live is awesome. Let's make some more of it by supporting the GOP. Yeah, right!! Grrrrr! I still have a job at the company I worked for, but at the same time, the company is laying off 700 more people this coming November closing down second shift. They are laying off people who have worked there since 1998. Wow, the times could never be any more prosperous. This is the mark of the Bush legacy and the American people can't get enough of it. I can't depend on polls and the debates have not taken place yet, but it is numbnuts of our voting population who are going to mess it up for the rest of us this time again. If members of the family want to buy into this, they can go ahead. I won't stop them. But, they best better not tell me who I should vote for. They can take that crap to Hades, if you know what I mean.
Ah, the Clinton years. I am nostalgic for them again. Low gas prices, low unemployment, low inflation, job security, working lots of overtime with pay. Those days are gone and the shitheads run the show now. And I want to vote them out. But, here we go again. Same stupid politics, abortion, gay marriage. So what? The issues are the economy, the war, national security, health care, maintaining Social Security, jobs going overseas. The GOP can't address them now, so they browbeat as they campaign. Lipstick on a Pig? John McCain has used that expression time and time again. They hate it when Obama used it the other day referring to the empty McCain plan, not their darling Sarah Palin! The Democrats are bringing up the issues while the GOP browbeats.
Excuse me, I live in the Stupid Belt, where certain people don't care about other people when they fall on hard times. In fact, they laugh at them, asking them, "Are you gonna go to Mexico?"
Or maybe "Are you gonna go to China?" I guess the reply can be, "yes, so I can finally leave this hedonistic society where you church-goers dwell."

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