Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back Home

I spent a week staying in Hardy and visiting the southern Missouri/Northeast Arkansas area of the country. I've bought an old AM radio, a Zenith radio, that must be over 40 years old, but works great. The reception could never be so clearer and the range goes from 550 kilohertz to arounf 1650 kilohertz. I visited an antique mall and got it for $25. Basically that has been the highlight of the trip and I was only gone from home for only three days. I've got plenty of rest. I went swimming once, but found that the water was too cold even in the warmest part of the day. The temperature was below 50 degrees Fahreinheit at night and got as high as near 80 during the day. I visited Mammoth Spring, AR, Thayer, MO, West Plains, MO, Hoxie-Walnut Ridge, AR, Williams Baptist College, and downtown Hardy. I get around more on vacation than I would when I don't have any vacation time. I have weekends, but I don't get around like I should. So, this was a break from the rut and routine. I go back to work Monday. I go back to an atmosphere of uneasiness after having time away. Please, pray for me.

Alhmdulillah Rahbiealamin.

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