Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who won the debate?

Assalaam Alaykim. Ramadan Mubarak. Who won the debate last night? Nobody won. It's a toss up. The Obama camp says that the Obama camp won. The McCain camp says McCain did. I do think that Sen. Obama did quite well, but for me, he failed to point out how the working class is struggling under this trickle down economy and how this breakdown of this economy has failed them and that their best hope is to receive unemployment compensation and to hopefully trust in God that everything will get better after it gets worse. McCain wanted to put him on a corner about how Obama is a tax-and-spending liberal. I have heard all of that before. Republicans have been saying that about Democrats for the last 30 years. Instead of checking out a GOP-based group such as "Citizens Against Government Waste," it made be better to use as our source to check McCain's record and to check Obama's record. Barack Obama's ratings are getting higher if we can rely on the polls. But, I am afraid there will be fraud somewhere in this country to keep this election from being a fair election. We must look to Alhumdulillah Rabbiealamin than to look to a man to save us from calamity. I tend to favor one candidate over another as you can tell. I can be very biased, but the concern of Gov. Palin as a possible president if something happened to Sen. McCain is something I don't want to fathom. She holds a different belief system than I do. She seems to want to be on the attack when it comes to Russia. She sees it from her backyard. No journalist wants to put her to task on that statement. The Russian Far East has never been a concern of mine. Many Russians who migrated east are Russia's "frontiersmen." They move there to get away from the urban blight of the west. And I am pretty sure they want peace with their neighbors from the American state of Alaska. Why don't she travel there? Cross the Bering Strait, visit Vladovostok, and take the Trans-Siberian railway. She's governor of an American state, but never held a passport? Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter is visiting China and he's there to promote goods made in Arkansas. University of Central Arkansas has a sister school in China, the East China Normal University. Arkansas has close ties now to the Far East. I am also sure Gov. Beebe holds a passport. No doubt Halter does. I guess when in Alaska, don't drink the water.
Palin had parishioners in the Wasilla Assembly of God Church lay hands on her, giving assurance that the spirit of witchcraft don't touch her known as "Mama Jane." I prostrate and pray. I don't really want people laying their hands on me. When that happens, I end up depending on them to protect me and not God, or I start to add partners with God. Idolatry can result from this.
So, this is why supporting the Democrats, despite their imperfections or what I may disagree with them on certain issues, because what we had in the last eight years should not continue.

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