Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jackets from the ANC Store

As I edited my last post, I logged on to the ANC site and I visited the ANC store. I love the jackets the organization is selling to its members and anyone else who is interested in them. Some of them are bright green and some of them are bright yellow. If I wore one of those jackets to work, I definitely would grab everyone's attention. The colors are loud and these jackets would definitely be the talk of the town. Each of these jackets cost somewhere around 1360 Rand. I would need to check what that is in American currency. It may be too high of a price and we all need to remember the excise taxes or foreign taxes that are added on to the price. I like my brown suede jacket I got for Christmas and this was found hanging at a consignment store. It is a very comfortable jacket and it won't make people turn around and stare at me when I come into the room. I don't make resolutions for the new year. I don't understand what all the excitement is all about. What is the point for staying up late to see a ball drop from the sky? Midnight is now way past my bedtime since I am one of those who get up early to go to work. Not that I will have to go to work on New Year's Day. It is just I am no longer used to staying up real late. What's up with all of these parties and getting drunk? Authorities will be waiting for all of you when they catch you drunk on your asses driving down the road, make you walk a straight line and take a breathing test through a hose. Once they can determine how drunk you are, your asses will go to the slammer and I, for one, will not have any sympathy for you. So there! Happy, happy rotten new year!

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