Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Situation with Santa

Kids, I cannot seem to locate the home of Santa and Mrs. Claus there at the North Pole.
The reasons why are certain. Santa and Mrs. Claus recently had to apply for flood insurance for the home and the toy factory where the elves make the toys kids look forward to receiving on Christmas Day morning. I'm afraid it is under water since the ice caps have been melting because of global warming, something the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, had charged Pres. Obama and other leaders of the industrialized world of causing, which is destroying our planet. Santa and Mrs. Claus no longer finds the North Pole to be a stable place to live and they find that they may have to move further south into Canada or into Greenland. The polar bears are finding less places to roam in the frozen tundra, that each year, is becoming much less frozen. Santa, Mrs. Claus, and elves included may have taken up residence somewhere else. It could be in Canada, Greenland, Lapland, or Russia. Anywhere where there is still cold, freezing weather and where there is land. Ice caps are melting, giving us much, more water and flooding in our rivers and islands in the Pacific Ocean are drowning into the ocean, affecting the lives of the peoples of Vanuatu, Palau, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Cook Islands, etc. Climate disaster, on top of continuing a wasted war in Afghanistan, are two of the things supporters of Obama did not support him for. I believe Santa and Mrs. Claus were in Copenhagen this week protesting in the streets outside of this "conference." So, kids, don't worry about what Santa will get you for Christmas. He is too concerned about what is happening to this world and if you get anything for Christmas, it will be from your folks and please, thank them for getting you something!

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