Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rachel Vs. the JBS

Everyone needs to check out the JBS web site. The organization made a strong response to Rachel Maddow's charges toward the group. In defense of the JBS, they opposed the civil rights' groups and, at the same time, oppose the notorious Ku Klux Klan. They neither supported forced segregation or forced integration. The problem I have, concerning the JBS is over what it was like for African-Americans living in the Southeast part of the country during the days of Jim Crow. Opportunities denied, doors were shut, and the right to vote also denied, separate schools (not equal), separate water fountains, separate restrooms, restaurants barring blacks as customers, movie theaters serving the white customers first before they would for blacks, lynchings, etc. When it comes to this, no one sees the JBS as a freedom organization. It's freedom for some of us, but not for all. I only ask the reader to log on to the JBS site and read it for themselves. The group claims they stop the spread of the communist plot of those who wanted to create a "Negro Soviet Republic" during the 1930s. How could they have ever done that? JBS was founded in the late 1950s during the days of Sen. Joseph McCarthy. During the Great Depression, many Americans were interested in the ideas brought forth by Communist Party U.S.A.. Many other Americans also were interested in what was going in Germany and the brilliant ideas coming from Adolf Hitler! It must have been an uneasy time with no jobs and long, soup lines. Just like Rachel, I am way too young to remember any of that! What is the JBS all about? It is about information they pass out about how we are losing our liberties in the U.S. and if you read and believe it, you would join them and then, give them some money. They recruit new members and Rachel Maddow is their poster girl!

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