Saturday, December 12, 2009

How Are Things Now?

How are things now at the ol' factory? Lots of overtime during the week and lots of Saturday work. I can't wait until Christmas. In the political scene, I have tuned myself out. I don't give a crap what the President in up to and I don't believe he should have accepted the Nobel Peace Prize; not when there is a surge of troops sent to Afghanistan. There will be no air show in my town in 2010 and it is over this surge sent over there in no man's land. It disgusts me to hear what from the pundits when they talk about Pres. Obama's itinerary. I just switch the channel and watch something more entertaining on TV or work on translating something from Spanish to Esperanto. I find this much more fulfilling. I can't stand to watch him no more than I can stand to watch Bush, the previous president. Health care reform is a joke and Obama's Campaign for America I receive via e-mail is now calling this "Health Insurance Reform." WTF?
The way it is without a public option makes a sweetheart deal for the insurance companies, and will cost more for Americans to have health insurance! Progressives should never vote for this bill!

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