Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's the Hoopla...

over this darling, Sarah Palin? I go to work each day of week. Nobody talks about her at work. Why is MSNBC making a big hay about her? I just thought about it yesterday about who Sarah Palin might be following? Who is her mentor? Who is her example? Is it Jesus? No! How about Buddha? Well, she didn't quit so that she can have some inner peace. Well then, who? It's Richard Nixon. That's who she's following but the only problem with this is that Richard Nixon DID serve as vice-president in the Eisenhower administration, ran for governor of California and lost. She never has served as vice-president. She lost! And now, she quits her job as governor of Alaska. It must be the water up there. There's no way I can explain it. I thought about this yesterday and today as I turn on "Hardball," Chris Matthews was asking the same question. Is she following Nixon's example? This blew my mind like as if Chris was reading my mind. Hey, I think I may apply for a job at MSNBC! I always wanted to live in the Big Apple.

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