Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two things that may actually happen

One: I believe Judge Sonia Sotomayor will be confirmed to the Supreme Court by the Senate. I believe she will be fair and impartial and she is well-qualified.

Two: We will have a public option in health care. The average American, according to today's program, The Ed Show with Ed Schultz, the tax will only affect the top 1.2% of Americans. In other words, the very, very rich, especially Hollywood stars and Ed, I don't care if they are taxed. Not at all.

I do not have much on the plate today. I have had a long day at work. I looked over some old notebooks and I am amazed over how I have grown. I used to be one of those radicals that I criticize about today. Things were going on back in those days I really had no control. I took courses at a community college I really didn't need to take. I wasted a lot of time and effort. But, looking back, I did receive some more extra college credits to the 120 hours of credits I already had and I was already a college graduate. It was desperation time way back in the day in the year 1992. There were massive layoffs at work and like now, we were in a recession back then until after Bill Clinton got elected president. BTW, I have some right-wing material I saved from those wretched days of old. It is an article entitled, "Why it is a sin to vote for Bill Clinton?" Yes, boys and girls, ol' Bubba himself was getting the shaft from these bozos back then like they do now with Pres. Obama. But, they thought they can get Clinton over sexual affairs with other women. In other words, they were giving him "the Monkey business," the name of the boat Gary Hart rode on with his mistress. But, they could not. And as I recall, he turned out to be a great president. I always had a job and I never had to return to school during those years.

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