Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bernie Hoffman/"Tony Alamo" put away for good

I am quite pleased that an anti-Catholic, perverted, pedophile preacher is put away to jail for a long, long, long time. He is head of a cult who was the husband of the late Susan Alamo (if that is her name), who died nearly close to 30 years ago. When she died, ol' Bernie himself did his best to convince the Alamo "Christian" followers that Susan will arise from the dead. Of course, that is something that she did not do and her family fought a long hard battle fighting this crazy cult to give her a proper burial. But, that is not what I am writing about. I am writing about a guy who uses a phony name, a Jew, who is a polygamist, who is a pedophile, who in fact the older he gets, the younger and younger his female victims become, as young as eight, wanting these girls to have sex with them, crossing state lines to do so, and who believes that girls should start having sex as young as ten and that kids that young should go ahead and get married because in his perverted view, they are going to have sex anyway. The SPLC can back up what I've just said. As the jury down in SW Arkansas found him guilty, he was hauled to prison as two young women hold up sign saying,"bye, bye, Bernie" with a caricature of "Alamo" wearing a yalmulke.

What a disgusting human being he is and such a disgusting Jew who fits the stereotype for many people who hates Jews, who has loose morals, are cunning, conniving, who only care about money, and who follow the controversial passages of the Talmud, telling them it's okay to kill a goy, but not a Jew and that it is okay to treat a goy like an animal because Jews are the only human beings around. I do not know if the Talmud says that. Some people do claim it does, but I can't verify it. But as a disgusting human being he is, he has fit the stereotype of the "no-account Jew." He has to go by a phony name. He treats his followers like dung. They could not eat and have proper clothing unless "Papa Tony" gave them permission to do so. Stuff like this makes me become all put out and turned off by religion. May we be free from bigoted, perverted, charlatan preachers like Bernie Lazar Hoffman.

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