Monday, August 3, 2009

RIght-wingers use old Communist tactic

Yes, you got it right. Right-wingers use an old Communist tactic to disrupt town hall meetings and verbally attack congresspeople, because the right-wingers want to stop health care reform. Let me explain. A friend of mine I have not seen in 17 years brought up this tactic on how old ladies can disrupt school board meetings. They form a group of people. They blend in with the rest of crowd making up the town hall audience. They blend in, forming an arrow from left to right, and when they start to rant and rave yelling out at the spokesman from Congress, it looks like as if his/her constituents are mad at him/her, making him/her give in to their demands, which is in this instance, their demands to stop health care reform. So, this is the way they are doing it just like they did back in 1993, only they are more desperate to stop the care despite the fact the cost of health care keeps rising and rising, while more employers stop offering health care altogether or lay off a lot of workers. Of course, instead of offering what is in the bill known as H.R. 3200, why not H.R. 676, the bill that offers a singer-payer system? Nope. This is who most of these politicians work for: the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and they are bought and paid for by this entities. And as those few congresspeople who don't pay lip service to Big Pharma and the insurance companies, they face a mob passing as their constituents using an old Commie tactic to shut them up! May God help us!

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