Thursday, November 1, 2007

November already

Alhumdulillah Rabbiealamin. Now that Halloween is over with all the candy and the trick-or-treating, all the stores now will be pushing the 'Ho,ho,ho' of Christmas. It seems so redundant because we go through this every year. Whoever has heard of a Thanksgiving sale? So, Christmas is big and the stores want people to come in and shop until they drop. It is known to be the birthday of Jesus, but when anyone goes shopping, he/she wouldn't know it and recognize as his birthday. There is a booklet I have in my library called, "Is Christmas Christian?" I may share this booklet in this blog with you in a later time.

I have been praying for my niece's husband and for the health of my brother who is the father of my niece. So far, I believe the prayers have been answered because I have not heard anything about the situation, which has brought me almost to depression. But, prayer and continuing to prostrate and pray had relieved me of the stress and the depression. Also, I have my own health to consider. I worked at a fast-paced job full-time and it sometimes put a strain on my back. I take over-the-counter pain pills to relieve the pain and I get back to tackling my job. So much trouble goes into building a refrigerator. You would be amazed what it all involves.
I guess that's all for now.

"It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, and enough is Allah for a Witness. Muhammad is the apostle of Allah, and those who are with him are strong against the Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other. Thou wilt see them bow and prostrate themselves (in prayer) seeking grace from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure. On their faces are their marks, (being) the traces of their prostration. This is their similitude in the Taurat; and their similitude in the Gospel is: like a seed which sends forth its blade, then makes it strong; it then becomes thick, and it stands on its own stem, (filling) the sowers with wonder and delight. As a result, it fills the Unbelievers with rage in them. Allah has promised those among them who believe and do righteous deeds forgiveness, and a Great Reward." Sura 48, The Victory, 28-29.

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