Thursday, November 8, 2007

DLL problems

There's not much to alhumdulillah about when it comes to computer problems. Missing dll files are what is important if you want to run some programs from the control panel. There's no way out of it since what I am using is an old, outdated computer. I have fixed this computer several times before. I can try to do it again. But, I believe it's time to purchase a new one. This computer is a desktop. I beleive I am going to go get myself a laptop. Right now, without a computer, I can still receive email. Just be phone.
I can download music without one. My MP3 player has a radio built and with an FM transmitter, I can record my own music through a radio signal. I can remember life without one. I did just fine. I used to read more, it seems. I never missed some of my favorite TV shows. I hung around friends I knew in school and in college. I spend time with family. My college courses I have taken did not involve a computer. My own work was my own writing. No doubt about that. My world wide web was the shortwave radio and I still have one of those radio or two. They all work, but the computer does not. The worst inventions man can ever make, according to my oldest brother, are computers and cell phones. And don't get me started with cell phones. I wish more people would turn those things off and quit using while driving down the road!!!

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